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Photographs: Los Vaqueros Reservoir Expansion Dedication

I had the pleasure of attending the Los Vaqueros Reservoir Expansion Dedication of the expanded dam yesterday and I must admit I was in awe of this project. It’s a beautiful area and I encourage you all to check it out in the next few weeks.

The expansion began in April of 2011 and now sits 34-ft high, thankfully they had a bus system shuttle people up and down. The purpose of the project was to increase water supply as the reservoir had its capacity increase from 100,000 acre-feet to 160,000 acre-feet.

It was completed on time and under budget which was estimated at a cost of $120 million. This is a perfect example of how projects are supposed to be done and kudos to everyone involved for making this happen—especially the project schedulers.

The event was well done by the Contra Costa Water District where guests were given books of the project along with a water vase. The boy scouts did a great job at presenting the colors while during the speeches, I have to give Mark DeSaulnier a big round of applause because his speech was pretty darn funny.

Here is a slideshow of photographs I took.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The attendance list was long so I apologize if I leave anyone out, but some of those who attended include:

  • Congressman Jerry McNerney
  • Congressman George Miller
  • State Senator Mark DeSaulnier
  • State Senator Lois Wolk
  • Assemblymember Joan Buchanan
  • Supervisor Mary Piepho
  • Supervisor Karen Mitchoff
  • Supervisor Candace Anderson
  • Oakley Councilman Jim Frazier
  • Brentwood Mayor Bob Taylor

Paula King of the Contra Costa Times put out an article yesterday of this weekends activities which they have waived the parking fee.

To celebrate the reopening, the district will host several free activities at the Interpretive Center on Saturday, including a light morning nature hike (9:30am) highlighting the watershed’s flora and fauna, a bird presentation, Native American and nature arts and crafts, and spiders and snakes, which a local naturalist will share.


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  1. Great article & photos Burk! Your slideshow and information blows the local coverage by the newspapers away! Keep up the good work.

    • This is great! More water for us and not for Southern California. Nice photographs! You would think LA would invest in its own water storage considering the issue they face.

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