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ECCFPD Saves Two Condo’s on Sandmound Blvd.

An electrical fire started by a dryer put an apartment complex in jeopardy yesterday afternoon as fire crews rushed to save the structures and the people in the complex.

According to one firefighter on scene, “we got very lucky that the structure was still standing”.

Engine 93 (Oakley) was first to arrive on scene followed by Engine 88, then Engine 59 (Discovery Bay), then Engine 52 (Brentwood), then Engine 81 (Antioch) , then Engine 82 (Antioch) and finally Quint 83.

According to a firefighter on Engine 59,  they were all the way out near Byron School responding to a call when the call was dispatched—about 15 miles away.  With all three engines on scene, this meant CONFIRE assistance once again.

When Engine 93 arrived on scene, they found smoke coming from the door way of the second floor apartment with victims in the apartment.  The fire was apparently going up the wall and into the adjacent apartment.

When the second engine arrived, they attacked the fire from both apartments having to put a hole in the wall between the two apartments as the electrical fire moved within the walls. The  Damage was ultimately limited to the fire wall and the attic space between the apartments.

The fire, reported at about 1:47 p.m. and was extinguished by about 2:04 p.m.

One civilian was transported to Sutter Delta Hospital with no injury’s reported to fire district personnel.

Side Note:
With all three of our engines at this location along with CONFIRE back up, this left our District uncovered during the time of this incident in which two calls came in. CONFIRE was forced to send additional engines to East County to cover these calls.


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  1. Hey East County, you can thank CONFIRE yet again as you hurt our service during this call because you didn’t want to fund your tax measure. Do people even realize when our engines are out there, they are not hear providing service that we actually pay for?

  2. How do they determine what engines are sent to a fire like this? San Pablo and El Sobrante?

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