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Brentwood May Have Three Running for Mayor

With Friday’s filing date quickly approaching, the City of Brentwood races just got interesting as a potential third candidate emerged for Mayor after Jordan James pulled papers for both the mayor and council seat.

According to Margaret Wimberly, Brentwood City Clerk,  while Mr. James pulled papers for both Mayor and Council Member, pursuant to California State Election Code section 10220.5 he may only file nomination papers for one municipal office.

Mayors Race:

  • Steve Barr
  • Jordan James
  • Bob Taylor (I)

Council Race (2 seats)

There was a rumor going around that Robert Brockman was interested in potentially running for mayor, but that was shot down as he ultimately pulled for council. Looking at the candidates list, what jumps out at me is there Carissa Pillow is the only woman in the field which may give her a slight advantage at this point in time–it also doesn’t hurt she is a nurse.  Mayor Bob Taylor’s website looks to be from his 2008 campaign.

At this point in time, only Gene Clare and Carissa Pillow have campaign websites up while Dirk Zeigler has a facebook page.

Candidates have until Friday to turn in their paperwork to become official candidates.


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  1. Anyone who is currenty on the fireboard should lose their seat. That means I will be voting for Bob Taylor for mayor. Meanwhile, two candidates not namd Stonebarger or Brockman get my vote. May the best non-fireboard candidates win!

  2. I’ve met Carissa Pillow on a couple of occasions and I like her approach to City Government and her plans for Brntwood. She has my vote. Brentwood really does need some change. I think Erick Stonebarger has done some good for Brentwood with his way of thinking and hope he can get a second term.

  3. Erick Stonebarger and Gene Clare are two candidates with sincere intentions and integrity. They have had my vote in the past and will continue to have my complete support. They are what is best for Brentwood!

    • Stonebarger has a lot to learn as this kid acts like he is smarter and better than everyone else. What exactly has he accomplished during his term? I agree with you on Clare. I am torn between Ziegler or Becnel for my other vote.

      • @ Ben

        You said it! Stonebarger reflects everything that is fundamentally wrong with Brentwood. He is very self-centered, not very smart and very immature. If the people of Brentwood really knew how shallow he was they would have sent him packing a long time ago. Not only has he accomplished nothing for the city, he is an offensive individual who doesn’t play well with others and has damaged Brentwood’s reputation. He is lucky to have lasted this long and is going nowhere. Let’s just hope the voters have him figured out in November.

        Becnel is just as bad, voters would be wise to send him another defeat.

        Zeigler is a clear choice and has much community support.

        As far as Bob Taylor, what can be said that he hasn’t already said himself? Bob loves Bob. Bob thinks the Mayor is doing a fantastic job (too bad he is the only one). Bob is the laughing stock of Brentwood politics. The truth is, Bob is a Turkey.

        Brentwood needs new faces.

        Dirk Zeigler, Gene Clare, Clarissa Pillow, and Jordan James all deserve a chance to turn Brentwood back around.

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