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AD11: Hudson Makes “China” Reference on Fundraiser Flyer

AD-11 Candidate Mike Hudson make reference to China on one of his latest campaign fundraiser flyers which suggests residents purchase a meal and a portion of the proceeds will go to benefit his campaign.  Although the event is over, an apology should be issued.

I have no problem with this type of fundraiser, even if its a gray area in terms of political rules because of the money exchanging hands, but the obvious problem is about 3/4 of the way down on the flyer, it reads in white text “Tipping is not a city in China tip away” . I received an email this morning from a voter in Vacaville who was upset with the flyer which claims  slang aimed at the Asian voters and is in poor taste. Ultimately, this voter says the flyer was very inappropriate.

While I will not go as far as to call Mr. Hudson a racist as the email suggested, but I  will say the line used in the flyer was in poor taste and leave it at that.  You can click the image below to enlarge the flyer.

Although he was trying to likely be funny, in a world that has gone so politically correct, he should have used more common sense because its an unneeded line while it alienates the Asian population.

An apology from his campaign should ultimately be issued.

The flyer was posted on Mike Hudson’s website while it was also posted on his Mike Hudson for AD-11 Facebook page on August 2. A new flyer was posted on August 7 which had a new look and feel with the line referencing China removed.

As of this morning, the original flyer is available on his campaign website.


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  1. Not very bright considering he was already going to get smashed by Frazier. I guess this means Frazier wins by a much larger margain now as the Asians move towards Frazier lol.

  2. Not cool Mr. Hudson. I hope you apologize. Burk may not call you racist, but I might if you keep it up.

  3. So he mentions China, It’s not the end of the word! We have other things to worry about than what a candidate has on a flyer. This is pretty stupid Burke. It’s a non issue.

  4. Putting out anything to help your buddy Jim Frazier huh Burke? It’s one line, get over it already.

  5. Hudson’s unfortunate choice of words is almost as offensive as your 5th grade writing level.

  6. Frazier, who the heck is he? You gotta be kidding!

  7. I see Mike Hudson has put up signs in Antioch already. He doesn’t have my vote and his flyer is the least of his problems against a qualified candidate like Frazier who has done something for his community and the area.

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