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ECCFPD: 14-Minute Response To Bethel Island Fire

Bethel Island had a structure fire this afternoon on the 4200 block of Stone Road. The crew from Engine 93 did a fabulous job by being able to prevent further damage from occurring to the three-story home.

I would like to bring attention that this residential fire occurred just over a half-mile from the closed Bethel Island station. A call that would have normally been responded to in a matter of a couple minutes, the response time was 14-minutes. This fire was one of those situations where the fire should have doubled in size every two-minutes, but luck was on the side of the property owner and our fire crews.  Kudos to the crews on scene!

The fire was reported at 2:46 pm with Engine 93 arriving on scene at 3:00 pm. Engine 88 arrived at 3:07 and by the time Engine 52 arrived at 3:10, the fire was pretty much under control.

It was estimated that a discarded cigarette ignited the container on a table which then caught the deck on fire, which ran up the house and into the attic. Damages are estimated at around $15,000 according to Battalion Chief Brian Helmick.

A total of 17 firefighters were on scene and no injuries were reported.

Here is the call details:

14:46 received the 1st call from a neighbor stating a house was on fire.
14:47 E193, E188, E152, E181, E159 BC5 BC8 were dispatched in that order

responded (RE) 14:49
on-scene (OS)15:00
on-radio (OR) 17:42

E188 (2nd due)
RE 14:49
OS 15:07
OR 16:24

E152 (3Rd due)
RE 14:51
OS 15:10
OR 16:24

E181 (4TH due)
RE 14:49
OS 15:11
OR 15:23

E159 (5TH due)
RE 14:49
OS 15:07
OR 17:12


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  1. This is flat out rediculous it took 14 minutes to respond when a station closed was just a half mile away! The people of Bethel Island need to begin throwing a bigger fit because they are getting the shaft.

    • Throwing a fit isn’t going to solve the problem. While I am upset that the nearest station is on O’Hara Ave in Oakley, I understand the need to keep open the stations in the areas of higher population and call volume. What we have to do is educate people about the fire issue, get extremely vocal with the groups that want to make the issue a pension issue, and get another tax on the ballot ASAP. That is going to take time and a lot of work. We can’t change what has happened but we damn sure can start working toward a solution.

  2. Great job ECCFPD! This could have been a lot worse as Mike states.

  3. Numbers don’t lie and neither do incidents. Looks like Engine 88 is always on the move. I wonder what their gas bill is?

  4. Thanks for posting this information. The fire fighters are busting their butts to keep the service level up. We have been so lucky so far but the wheels are going fall off at some point. AND at some point engine 88 will NOT be able to respond. Then the response times will really be an issue. Houses will be lost.

    Any information on the crash at East Cypress and Broadway last night? We live about 1/2 mile away and heard the impact. It was so loud that we thought it was at Jersery Island Rd. All of Oakley PD and SO responded code 3–something else going on? Heard 6 victims with minor injuries. Engine 93 and AMR handled all 6 victims by themselves. GREAT JOB!!!!!!

  5. You also should investigate how the neighbors got in and immediately fought the fire and bought time until the fire department got there. There were heros involved and the newspaper should cover this heroric volunteer effort.

  6. @Bob garzee. PLEASE get that information to Mike ASAP and let Mike make it public. Maybe some comments and information regarding staying safe while trying to help? The general public are not trained in fire fighting and could put themselves in danger trying to assist. Smoke and heat can overcome a person will quick. I know we all what to help but putting ourselves at risk is a bad idea and could just add to the problem not help. I know its will be impossible to stand there and know that your neighbor is still in the house but…………………

  7. my name is kevin sharp and it was me that climbed up to the upper deck and worked so hard to get that fire under control before fire crews even arived on seen

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