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Meuser vs. DeSaulnier Interview Available

You can watch the State Senate District 7 candidates  square off on issues as they are interviewed by the Contra Costa Times Editorial Board.  The interviews were used in order to allow the Times to make their endorsement yesterday. While I have not had a chance to watch the video in full,  I will update this post later this weekend with my review and assessment of the video to compare the two candidates and break down what both candidates said and what they will represent for our area.

You don’t have to wait for me, the video is now available by clicking here.

The Contra Costa Times had the following to say about this race.

Senate District 7 — Mark DeSaulnier, D-Concord: We have disagreed with DeSaulnier on key issues, including obstacles for cities seeking bankruptcy court relief and a misguided pension bill he first backed that would have increased spiking in Contra Costa County.

However, on the latter, he heard our concerns and initiated important changes to the bill. He also was one of three key Democratic senators who bucked party leadership by opposing high-speed rail. Previously, he now admits, he too quickly followed leadership rather than acting independently. We hope he will demonstrate the independence we have expected. His opponent, Republican attorney Mark Meuser, an interesting and articulate newcomer, speaks with the certainty of a novice. We encourage him to run first for local office to better understand the realities of government service.


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  1. After watching the video yesterday, Mark D. gets my vote.

  2. DeSaulnier all the way!

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