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Knightsen Boat Crash Injures Three

Around 6:10 pm yesterday evening, three people were injured as ECCFPD arrived on scene to find a boat on the rocks with all the occupants out on the rocks. The incident occurred 3-miles south of Holland/Riverside Marina in Knightsen.

According to Battalion Chief Jeff Burris, there were total five victims; two were transported by medical helicopter and one by ground ambulance. Two of the victims refuse medical treatment. Incident is being investigated by Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Marine Patrol.

Upon arrival, one patient was still in the water and was extricated using a stroke basket while a 3-year old female was flown to U.C. Davis. Another was flown to John Muir Medical Center Walnut Creek and one transferred by ground.  The two male patients refused treatment.

Click the map to enlarge. The map above highlights the locations of the three ECCFPD stations along with the area where the boat crash occurred. As you can see by the map, it took crews some time to arrive on scene which I am still waiting for confirmation of the response time. The Discovery Bay Station is roughly 9-miles away with Google Map showing a 20-minute commute.

Engine 59, AMR, Reach & CAL Star Air Ambulance, S.O. & B/C5 all responded to the call.

Update: I received the call log and the incident call came in at 6:08:59 with the first unit assigned by 6:11:27. The first unit arrived on scene at 6:23:40 (roughly 15-minute response time).  Units were on scene for 2 hours and 41 minutes.

According to Amanda Dove, she provided the following information via Facebook this morning.

Tami Clack and her three year old daughter were air lifted to area hospitals after their boat driver hit a rock on the Delta this weekend. Both suffered head injuries, but her daughter was likely saved by her mother, who suffered the brunt of the injuries… A broken neck, broken back, and last night- she underwent brain surgery. Now, doctors will induce a two week coma, to allow her brain swelling to go down. This family is in need of your support and prayers.

Tami Clack is known as a stylist at Wild Orchids the Salon


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  1. This is a sad incident to read about. I feel so bad for the family.

  2. Any update on the family? I haven’t seen anything in the Times on this incident.


  1. Brentwood: Singer to Donate Proceeds to Tami Clark | East County Today

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