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Congressman McNerney Joins Sierra LaMar Search

The San Jose Mercury News is reporting that Congressman Jerry McNerney will be joining volunteers today in Morgan Hill in the search for missing teenager Sierra LaMar. The teen went missing on March 16 when she left for school from her Morgan Hill home and hasn’t been seen since.

“When things like this happen in the community he acts,” McNerney’s office spokeswoman Lauren Smith said.

Kudos to Mr. McNerney for joining the search. A few weeks back it was reported 49ers quarterback Alex Smith also joined the search efforts.

Internships also available:

College students, graduate students and exceptional high schoolers can apply for an opportunity to learn about the workings of the federal government this fall in the offices of Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-Stockton.

McNerney has offices in Stockton and Pleasanton and places for interns in both cities.

Interns, who are unpaid, gain educational and professional experience and may receive academic credit.

Applicants can send cover letters and résumés to the attention of the internship coordinator at either office.

• Stockton: 2222 Grand Canal Blvd., No. 7, Stockton, CA 95207; fax, 476-8587; phone, 476-8552

• Pleasanton: 5776 Stoneridge Mall Blvd., No. 175, Pleasanton, CA 94588; fax, 925-737-0734; phone, 925-737-0727 or 408-744-0737

McNerney was elected in 2006, 2008 and 2010 to represent Tracy and Mountain House as part of California’s 11th Congressional District. His present term expires at the end of the year.

Following statewide redistricting in 2011, he is running for election in the new 9th District, which includes Mountain House and portions of Tracy north of Interstate 205.


2 Responses »

  1. This is a gesture I appreciate. Nice work Congressman!

  2. Very cool Congressman McNerney.

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