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Goode Receives Two Key Endorsements

I wanted to follow up on a story I wrote on August 14 about how Jennifer Goode pulled her endorsement of AD-11 Candidate Mike Hudson. I just received word from her campaign manager that she has now received two key endorsements which include the Vacaville Police Officers Association (VPOA) and the Solano County Republican Party.

Kudos to Ms. Goode for dropping Mike Hudson like a bad smoking habit while looking out for the best interest of Public Safety!

Here is a copy of the Press Release


VACAVILLE, Calif.—Vacaville City Council candidate Jennifer Goode announced Friday that she has received key endorsements from the Vacaville Police Officers Association (VPOA) and the Solano County Republican Party.

“I am honored to have received these endorsements, and I will not disappoint either organization,” Goode said during her announcement. “Both organizations support my stance that our city can be financially fit without sacrificing our residents’ safety. I am excited to work with these diligent, dedicated groups, and I am confident that together we can bring positive change to Vacaville in November.”

The VPOA’s Political Action Committee voted late Thursday to support Goode’s campaign. VPOA President Kevin O’Connell also expressed his support of the decision.

“The VPOA looks forward to working with Jennifer Goode for solutions to ensure that public safety continues to be a top priority for the city council and all the citizens in Vacaville,”O’Connell said in a written statement today.

Goode released her positions on several local issues this week, and she details her plans on her website at She also published an expanded version of her official campaign statement which will be published in the November sample ballot.

In addition to promoting a cost-saving government that puts its people first, Goode also supports Measure I and Measure M. Both measures will aid the city in continuing to provide the services and amenities currently available for its residents.

Goode will be speaking at a fundraising dinner hosted by the Solano County Republican Party on Aug. 24 starting at 6:30 p.m. in Fairfield. For more information on this or other events, please contact her campaign at (916) 538-3275 or


For more information on Jennifer’s campaign, go to Jennifer can be contacted by phone at (916) 538-3275 or by email at


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  1. Burk, this is Vacaville news, why do we care? Is it because she supported your candidate in AD-11 that we are stuck reading this race that does not apply to us?

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