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HALO Moves from Public to Closed Meeting

A little birdie informed me yesterday that HALO’s new Executive Board has decided to change their regularly scheduled board meeting from an open and transparent meeting at the Antioch Library to a closed and not so very transparent meeting at an alternate location.

I sent an email to the 24-hrs ago and have not received a response to confirm the location and time of the new meeting location. Rumor has it, which I hate rumors by the way, the new location will be at the Presidents (Wayne Sanderson) and Board Member (Joyce Sanderson) home.

I’ve received several emails over the last few weeks from people who were going to speak out about the removal of ex-President Tamera Reed as they did during the last City Council Meeting. You can view those City Council comments by visiting the City of Oakley–fast forward the video to public comments which begin at the 35:35 mark.

Those speaking were Treasure Carlson, Tamera Reed, Linda Fornay (sorry for the misspelling), and Miguel Flores.

In trying to find  information on HALO, their website is down. Upon doing more research, they posted on their Facebook page they are having trouble with the site and it’s moved to this location.

This looks like more unnecessary drama for HALO. If they would just be more transparent in their actions, it would not look so suspect. This is nothing more than an attempt to keep their volunteers and the public from reaching out to the board and demanding an explanation for last months move of firing Tamera Reed.


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  1. This is all about the Sandersons. I’d find another group to volunteer with. This one stinks.

  2. This is not okay by any group. I can’t find info on any of their meetings. This has become a shady organization. I hope the other members can join other groups and this one can go away

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