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ECCFPD Doesn’t Make Bethel Island Medical Call

The Contra Costa Times is reporting Firefighters contained a one-alarm fire that broke out at a single family home early Friday morning, causing significant damage but injuring no one, a dispatcher said Fire crews responded to the scene about 5:15 a.m. on the 500 block of Second Street, a dispatcher said. The cause and origin of the fire were not immediately known.

With that said, there were ramifications not being reported.

Not mentioned in the media is this striped crews in East County from responding to other incidents.  The significance of this was the next closest unit to respond was from Antioch.

What people of East County need to understand is in most cases, a single fire, regardless of how big it is, takes all three crews out of play in East County leaving the District uncovered with protection.  I’ve talked about situations where resources will not be available and now it actually happened.

There was a Code 3 Medical on Bethel Island.  The closest next due unit from Antioch responded with a minimum of a 26 minute eta . The medical call came in at 6:24 am. AMR arrived on scene at 6:34 and canceled fire at 6:41 (to no fault of their own, fire never made it to the scene).

This is just another example of how Measure S going down has failed the residents of East County and can cost someone their life. While this was a medical call, imagine if that had been you or your family. Imagine if this was another fire.  For those who claim fire should not respond to medical, this is what you get, a long response time!

This morning should serve as a reminder that we are vulnerable at anytime and our emergency response units need our full support to correct the funding problem.


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  1. Sadly, its going to take something big and tragic to get the majority of people’s attention.

  2. Will this be in the next monthly report? LOL

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