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Antiochs K9 Catches Suspect

Here is a little tidbit from the Antioch Police Department today as I love when suspects teach the officers how to release the K9. These partners in crime are magnificent animals and really do help officers. Having seen the demonstrations, the first thing one should do when a k9 is on scene is lay down and beg the officers not to release the k9. Check out today’s message from Chief Allan Cantando.

Via Antioch Police Department’s Facebook

More great police work from the APD!

Last night at approximately 2:55 A.M. a K-9 officer attempted to make a traffic stop on a vehicle for excessive speed. The officer quickly learned the vehicle he was attempting to stop was a reported stolen vehicle. The vehicle attempted to evade the officer for a short distance. To make a long story short, the suspect vehicle had mechanical difficulties which caused the suspect to flee on foot. What the felon didn’t know was that one of our new K-9’s was quickly closing on him. Yes…you guessed it….the K-9 won! The Officer quickly took the suspect into custody. No officer was injured during this arrest and a felon was sent to County Jail.

This is just another example of the great work that the men and women of this department are doing in OUR community.


Chief Allan Cantando

Police Canine (K9) Unit

One of the rich traditions of the City of Antioch Police Department is its Police Department’s Canine Unit. The unit has been in existence for over 30 years and is considered to be a leader in the field. The Antioch Police Department’s Canine Unit functions not only as a law enforcement tool that augments police personnel, resulting in the improved safety for the officers and citizens of Antioch, but also as a public relations tool that receives tremendous public support. It is a viable component of our daily law enforcement operations and is promoted proudly by the Chief of Police and his staff.

The existing unit consists of four Officer/Canine teams with each canine having a work life expectancy of five (5) to seven (7) years. All canines are trained in the areas of protection, searching, tracking, and article searching and narcotics detection. The use of the canines in our department enhances not only our efficiency, but our effectiveness in our efforts to apprehend criminal violators, locating missing persons and the locating of crucial items of evidence.

While at work, the canines are the officer’s partner. After work, they go home with the officers where they are truly part of the officer’s family. They enjoy the family home and family outings just like any other traditional pet. To say the least, the bond that develops between the officer and the canine is quite strong.


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  1. That is called taking a bite out of crime!

  2. It’s amazing to me why a criminal would run. The dog is always much faster.

  3. You would think that people would get the clue but hey, as my husband always said, police work has great job security!

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