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Jennifer Goode Shines at Glimpses Coffeehouse

A 44-minute video was just published of the August 29 interview with Vacaville City Council candidate Jennifer Goode at Glimpses Coffeehouse. The video discusses her background, what she wants improved in Vacaville and her beliefs on many issues.

Apparently, other candidates running for Vacaville City Council were invited to speak, but she was the only candidate who accepted their invitation. The most likely reason for the invitation being turned down was because the venue and moderator lean to the “right” instead of trying to stay down the middle.

With that said, I am a big fan of Jennifer Goode because she is one of the few people running for office who excites me. She is not your typical crazy far-right conservative which is a good thing. She is a big fan of public safety, tax increases that make sense, and protecting ones rights. She is very solid on many issues.

You can watch the 44-minute video via YouTube.

Here is a recap.

She explained that over the last 10 years, the majority of folks on council have been born and raised in Vacaville but ideas do not only have to come from the area.

“I don’t think good ideas are just born and raised in Vacaville.  I think good ideas can come from other places as well…. the demographics of Vacaville, the population is changing. We have grown substantially just in the years I’ve been there and right now I don’t think that voice is completely represented on a Tuesday night,” said Goode.

She explained that Tuesday nights are difficult to attend and would like to see twice a month on a Saturday for the city to be accessible to residents and talk about the issues in a park—bring government to the people and be accountable.

“A lot of special interest speak on Tuesday night, and that is great because they have their say so to, but we also need to listen to the people who live there and they also need a voice,“ said Goode.

She is also a big advocate for public safety as she explained the purpose of government it to provide safety to its residents. She explained she had a problem with budgets being chipped away from public safety—do not need to go to public safety first.

Other tidbits include as a fiscal conservative, she is supporting Measure I and Measure M. She was asked about Chick-Fil-A.  She was asked if she would investigate on Redevelopment being shut down.

To find out more about Jennifer Goode, you can visit her campaign website.


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  1. She seems like a knowledgeable candidate, but is long winded.

  2. Why is she interviewing in another county?

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