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Bethel Island BINGO Night a Great Time Out

I had a chance to attend a wonderful BINGO Night on Bethel Island last night hosted by the Chamber of Commerce which provided a great atmosphere and a night with good people. The turnout was rather larger—over a 100 people who were provided with Jerry’s Fishers famous meatloaf which smelled amazing.

The new “Queen of Bethel Island” was on hand to greet attendees while there were two big pull tab winners as Bruce Martin won $178, and Carl Carlson won $274. Senate Candidate Mark Meuser who is running against Mark DeSaulnier was also on hand to speak to attendees.

I would encourage folks to attend next month’s event because it really was a blast.

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You can find more information about the Bethel Island Chamber of Commerce and their upcoming events by visiting their website.


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  1. SUPER DUPER. . . P E A C E~~~<3

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