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Photos: Yes on Measure “B” Kick Off

Supporters of Measure B got together yesterday evening at the Antioch Historical Society Museum in hopes of increasing support for the potential Bond of $56 million to make improvements to Antioch High School.

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Measure B funds will:

  • Renovate classrooms to better support college and career opportunities for all students
  • Increase campus safety and security
  • Build a new, larger cafeteria to accommodate all students
  • Construct a new library including a college and career center
  • Upgrade building systems to improve efficiency
  • Improve student access to computers and technology
  • Renovate outdated athletic facilities

For more information on Measure B, visit the Yes on B website:


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  1. Great pictures. but I am still having a difficult time going along with this Measure.

  2. “To better support job and career opportunities”. Just as I thought, our school district has not
    educated our students to get a job or go to college.

    No support here. The test scores are going lower and lower and the salaries at district level go up. When the district can show me they are responsibly spending my money I might entertain the thought of supporting them.

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