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Ironhouse Dishes Out $2,500 on Event Sponsorship

The Ironhouse Sanitary District just dished out $2,500 to sponsor the EC² The Collaborative which is an out-of-district event that is hosted by the Antioch Chamber of Commerce.

While the event is free, this is not a good use of ratepayer money as this is some very reckless spending by the Ironhouse Sanitary District considering you have the Delta Diablo Sanitation District already as a sponsor who are within the District of the Antioch Chamber.

According to Kathleen at the Antioch Chamber, all six sponsors paid the same $2,500 for a cool $15,000. Kudos to the Antioch Chamber for being able to sell the sponsorships. That is awesome for you, but its at the expense of ratepayers not in your district.

I sent an email to general manager Tom Williams this morning asking whether he approved the sponsorship or the Board of Directors gave the approval—there has been no response yet at the time I pushed this article live.

In checking with the Oakley Chamber of Commerce website, Ironhouse is a member of the Oakley Chamber as Tom Williams is also Director. However, Ironhouse is not a member of the Bethel Island Chamber of Commerce which was confirmed by Cha-Cha Cha this morning.

You would think that before Ironhouse goes out of it’s service area to give $2,500 of our money to another Chamber for a single event, it would at least have the courtesy to become a Chamber member of Bethel Island who is actually within its District lines.

The web also gets deeper as Mike McGill serves as the Vice Chair Economic Development at the Antioch Chamber. Remember, Mr. McGill is also a Board Member at Central Sanitation District just over the hill.  Not to get into a conspiracy theory, but this is one giant scam to ratepayers.

This is just another example of why change is needed at Ironhouse as things like this should never occur when our rates continue to increase each year and they throw around our money on events like this.

Ratepayers pay for services, not to fund out of district chamber of commerce events.

The ratepayers just had $2,500 stolen from them and both Mr. Williams and the Board need to be held accountable for their actions as this is unacceptable.


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  1. I am not complaining as I live in Antioch, but you and the other ratepayers just got raped out of $2,500. Having two sanitation districts along with McGill involved is not a conspiracy, it should be looked in to!

    If I am Bethel Island’s chamber, I am making an immediate phone call to Mr. Williams for an explanation.

  2. I agree with Burk, this is not a very good use of our funds. I want my money back!

  3. Oh, yes. Ironhouse should be a Bethel Island Chamber member. They take a lot of money (and other stuff) off the island, so they should put some money back here (but not the other stuff).

  4. Burke is an angry person, he should be happy they are trying to stimulate business in East County by sponsoring an event of this caliber. If its out of District or not, it should grow business in East County

    • @Jill,

      It’s not anger if he is reporting informaiton. It’s not anger if he is speaking in truth. This event will do very little to grow business in east county, what will grow business is city’s and special districts working to attract business. Not some gathering with a fancy name.

      • Rob,

        Don’t waste your time trying to educate Jill with the facts. She is more prone to enjoy kool-aid type commentary based on what she posts here. Besides, I think she is enamored with Burk since she keeps getting (verbally) kicked in the teeth but continues to come back for more!

  5. I cannot think of one way this will grow business in east county. That money should have gone to Oakley, Bethel Island, Brentwood, and other “neighbors”. Even having a similar event with the districts neighbors.

    You folks should feel lucky you have some one like Mike to dig this stufff out. He has done a lot of work on things none of you would ever have known. He needs to be thanked not bad mouthed.


  1. Tom Williams: Ironhouse Paid 1/2 of Sponsorship | East County Today

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