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Diane Burgis Launches Campaign Website

Oakley City Council Candidate Diane Burgis launched her campaign website this week. As a candidate, she is focused on jobs/economy, neighborhood safety, quality schools, and the environment. She also launched her facebook page this week while gearing up for the final 30 days until the Nov. 6 election. Personally, she is one of the few candidates out there in East County who excites me with her potential and she would be a breath of fresh air for Oakley going forward.

Here is the bio from her website.

About Diane:

Nine years ago I relocated my three sons to Oakley because it is a safe place to raise a family.  I love the small town feel and the open spaces. I love being so close to the Delta.

I am running for City Council to ensure Oakley remains a safe, family-centered community for generations to come. I think Oakley has a lot of potential. We are a young city that is still developing our identity.  We have the opportunity to do it right and not face the problems that older cities face because they didn’t think ahead.  My vision is to preserve the old town feel and at the same time build our economic base.

I am Executive Director of Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to protect, conserve, and restore Marsh Creek and its tributaries, and to inspire appreciation and conservation of the Marsh  Creek Watershed.  Our organization is thriving due to solid budget planning when many are just getting by.  My work allows me to work in the community with folks from all walks of life to protect our water quality, preserve open spaces, & promote community service.  Last year, through my work, I helped create over 4,000 volunteer hours in our watershed and helped remove over 7 tons of trash from our waterways, trails, parks and neighborhoods.


Burgis joins Dave Hansen and Ron Borland who are the only candidates with an official campaign websites. Doug Hardcastle has a facebook page dedicated to his campaign.


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2 Responses »

  1. Great job Diane! So proud of you. 🙂

  2. Good Luck Diane! You are the best !
    Love Millie

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