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CC Times Provides Ironhouse Director Benefits


Rowena Coetsee at the Contra Costa Times is reporting the following figures as to what ratepayers are paying their current Board of Directors in benefits which I fought against on Tuesday calling it excessive and inappropriate.

I urged the board to remove all medical, dental, and vision benefits going forward in which they ultimately declined that advice as Director David Contreras who is up for re-election stated compensation was required in order to get candidates to seek a seat on the Board. Director David Huerta also was against the advice referring to those who disagree as gadflies. Now I see why as he ran on the campaign slogan “Fix Ironhouse Now”,  however, he is raking in$1,422 in medical benefits each month. So much for his campaign!

Here is the story in the Contra Costa Times.

Ironhouse Sanitary District director benefits vary
By Rowena Coetsee Contra Costa Times
Posted:   10/05/2012 02:13:39 PM PDT
Updated:   10/05/2012 02:38:41 PM PDT

Here’s what Ironhouse Sanitary District pays per month for its directors’ health benefits. The agency covers 100 percent of their premiums for dental and vision care; it pays for their medical insurance up to a cap of $1,588 per month. Because the medical premiums for the three board members who receive this type of coverage are less than that amount, none pays out of pocket for this benefit, either.

As for benefits in retirement, three of the current directors qualify for lifetime medical benefits: Doug Hardcastle, Chris Lauritzen and Michael Painter. Few, if any, future board members are expected to meet the new requirements for receiving that coverage.

The monthly benefits:

David Contreras

  • $85.20 dental
  • $11.93 vision
  • $0 medical

Doug Hardcastle

  • $166.75 dental
  • $17.30 vision
  • $0 medical

Note: Hardcastle may not have taken benefits this year as part of his strategy for running for Oakley City Council, but he did take benefits between 2007-2011.

  • 2007: $11,621.04 ($968 per mo).
  • 2008: $12,790.32 (1,065 per mo).
  • 2009: $13,453.68 ($1,121.14 per mo).
  • 2010: $13,855.92 ($1,154.66 per mo).
  • 2011: $8,106.12 ($675.51 per mo).

David Huerta

  • $166.75 dental
  • $17.30 vision
  • $1,422.20 medical

Chris Lauritzen

  • $85.20 dental
  • $11.93 vision
  • $711.10 medical

Michael Painter

  • $255.51 dental
  • $31.02 vision
  • $1,464.84 medical

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