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Frazier Leans On Experience in Capital in Assembly Bid

I wanted to bring attention to an article that was written in the Daily Republic out in Solano County about Oakley Councilman and Assembly District 11 Candidate Jim Frazier. It’s a decent read and highlights his experience which will serve the District nicely compared to his opponent.  I can also appreciate this paper being somewhat fair as opposed to the Contra Costa Times or the Sacramento Bee who called Mr. Frazier’s opponent a “moderate” when he is actually a far right Tea Party member.

Here is the story.

Frazier leans on experience in capital in Assembly bid
By Danny Bernardini

FAIRFIELD — If Jim Frazier is elected to represent the newly created 11th Assembly District, he said he will know his way around town and will have several people to help get things done in Sacramento.

Frazier, a member of the Oakley City Council and former mayor, said he has worked on several bills in Sacramento for his city and made connections at the state and federal level throughout the years. He said that will help him if elected.

“I’ve been up in Sacramento for the last two years and built relationships with committee members and others,” Frazier said. “I’m not going up there as a newbie, per se. All those that have endorsed me will help me with the learning curve.”

Frazier is the Democratic candidate and will face off against Suisun City’s Mike Hudson, a Republican, in the Nov. 6 election to represent residents in the new Assembly district. Redistricting left no incumbent for the district that includes most of Solano County, parts of Contra Costa County and a small piece of Sacramento County. Frazier finished second with 28 percent of the vote in the summer primary while Hudson pulled in 31 percent in a crowded field.

He said the new district with no incumbent gives voters the chance for new leadership and he has had fun while spending a majority of his time in Solano County during his campaigning.

“We’re meeting some great people. It’s been a blast in Solano. The way this district was drawn, we weren’t well known in that area,” Frazier said. “It’s a fantastic opportunity for a fresh face to come in and start with a new outlook.”

Frazier said a large portion of his political career has been spent creating jobs, helping families and working on transportation issues.

“My ability to create jobs is what I’ve been conveying to them. I’ve got the relationships to make things happen,” he said. “I really do put people before politics.”

He also pointed out his work with two nonprofits, which he created. The Network of Care helps support families with children in the hospital, and Friends of Oakley Community Foundation helps pay for services in the city.

Frazier said if elected he would like to see every committee and service looked at to see what is working and what is not.

“I want to look at the budget process and laws that aren’t working. We need to undo processes that haven’t been effective,” he said. “I want to see what the frustration is and will be going up there with an open mind and won’t prejudge anything.”

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  1. All one has to do is spent 5 minutes with Mike Hudson and you will see the guy should never be elected to office again. Hudson is nothing but a tea partier with a bad smoking habit.

  2. Mike Hudson is a complete joke. Frazier has the support of people from both sides because he earned it and is real. You don’t find that very often in a candidate. While he is a Democrat, many Republicans do also support him because he has earned it!

  3. There is a reason this race is getting little media coverage and that is because people know Hudson is not a good candidate. He only made it through the primary because you had democrats splitting the vote! Frazier by 25%!

  4. I’d much rather have someone who rescinded a city manager deal than someone who votes themself a 118% payraise. Hudson also could have got a 4-year degree with all the travel he has spent!

  5. All one has to do is look at why Frazier got into politics to know he is a class act and for the people. He has my full support! I think the comments on this page about Hudson are spot on.

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