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Money Talks: Frazier Dominates AD-11 Fundraising

No big surprises here but I wanted to share the financials that are being reported in the race between Oakley Councilman Jim Frazier and Susisun City Vice Mayor Mike Hudson. Frazier has raised nearly $200,000 to Hudson’s $18,000.

Kudos to Frazier for working hard to raise that kind of cash which has been more than some of the incumbents in other races.  For example, Democratic Assemblywoman Mariko Yamada has raised just $37,110 in contributions which brought her year-to-date contributions to $116,454.

Via The Reporter

In the newly created Assembly District 11 race, Democrat Jim Frazier reported contributions for the July 1 to Sept. 30 reporting period of nearly $200,000, while Republican hopeful Mike Hudson took in just under $18,000 for the same period.

In all, Frazier reported bringing in $199,530 this period, raising his year-to-date total to $415,869. After expenditures, he reports $128,772 remaining in his campaign war chest.

Frazier reported dozens of donations ranging from the hundreds of dollars to multiple thousands. Some of his larger donations included $3,900 from Kiper Development; $3,900 from SEIU Local No. 1000 Candidate PAC; $2,900 from CSLEA PAC; and $2,500 from Genentech.

Meanwhile, Hudson reported $17,802 in contributions since July, brining his year-to-date campaign fundraising total to $86,989. After expenses, he reports $2,074 remaining in his campaign coffers.

Nearly all of Hudson’s contributions came in the form of donations of $500 or less with the exception of a $3,900 donations from Charles T. Munger Jr., the Stanford physicist and political activist.

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  1. That is what you call an a$$ whoopin!

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