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Morgan: Burgis for Oakley City Council

Oakley resident Susan Morgan submitted a very nice letter to the Brentwood Press encouraging support for Diane Burgis for Oakley City Council.  Since I fully support Ms. Burgis, I wanted to share this letter which is a great read below.

In terms of other support letters for candidates this week, the Press has letters of support for Brentwood City Candidate Gene Clare and two letters supporting Brentwood Mayor Bob Taylor.   Here is the second letter. I am 100% behind these three candidates and encourage you to consider supporting them.

Here is what she wrote:


I am writing in support of an amazing woman, Diane Burgis, who is running for a seat on the Oakley City Council.

Diane is the current executive director of Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed (FOMCW), with a proven record of growing this organization from a small nonprofit community to a large and thriving institute that is involved in numerous projects, including fundraising, grants, Marsh Creek cleanup, restoration, preservation, education, and monitoring programs.

Diane serves on several advisory committees and provides input to city, county, state and federal agencies. Diane works with people of all levels and positions to bring together ideas, implementation and funding, to accomplish goals and get the job done.

I recently approached Diane with a problem that our neighborhood was having with access to the Marsh Creek trails. Access that had been provided for years through the neighborhood cul-de-sacs, which border on the trail, was being cut off by certain agencies.

Diane listened to our story, studied the issues (including the agencies’ reasons for their actions) and decided to take this on as a FOMCW project. She is now working with the city and the agencies involved to provide compatible creative solutions that will allow the neighborhood continued access to the trials through the cul-de-sacs, but still address the agencies’ concerns.

Diane is a person who seeks out and finds the win-win solutions to any problem and gets all of the constituent parties together behind and in support of the solution, so that the job can get done in a way that accommodates everyone’s needs and concerns. It is a truly unique person that has this type of gift, and Diane has it in abundance.

I have been attending City Council meetings for most of the almost three years that I have lived in Oakley. I have watched the City Council in action, both in areas of agreement and of disagreement, of good decision-making and of not-so-good decision-making (which often became abundantly clear in hindsight). Diane will be a tremendous asset and voice of reason and clear-thinking on the City Council, as well as a force for positive change and accomplishing goals.

We need this talent on our City Council. Please join me in voting for Diane Burgis for Oakley City Council.

Susan Morgan


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5 Responses »

  1. Anyone but Borland and Hardcastle! Diane is the best choice of all!

  2. Diane … don’t look now, but your awesome is showing! You have my vote! ~ Delta Living Magazine

  3. Kevin Romick is a crook. I can get behind Diane Burgis, but Romick has the city manager deal, a trip to New Orleans and many other strikes against him. He also led the fire district into failure for Measure S. He is no leader, he is just there for a photo.

  4. She has my support.

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