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Brentwood Press Provides Candidate Profiles

The Brentwood Press provided local candidates with a chance to reach out to voters and I wanted to share and encourage folks to read them before casting votes. Below you will find links to each candidates submission while I’ve inserted a quick opinion on all the candidates which won’t likely win me any friends, but hey, it’s silly season. Please note, this is political opinions only and not personal as those who I oppose are actually good people.

Antioch Mayor

  • Gary Agopian – proven to put political party ahead of community needs. Undermines others to get ahead, so no thanks! Outside of politics, great guy!
  • Don Freitas – Is he really blaming current council for a bad economy? Going to pass!
  • Wade Harper – He needs to become more of a face to the city if elected, but he is the best choice!
  • Michael Leon – Taking credit for a squatter problem does not make one qualified for Mayor.

Antioch City Council

  • James Davis – I happen to like Mr. Davis. I think he made the right move dropping down to Council and should be elected.
  • Noel Pinto – Smart, down to earth, and if he gets more involved in Antioch politics he could become viable in the future. This is not his year.
  • Mary Rocha – How can you go against her? Each Antioch voter should have her selected on their ballot.
  • Walter Ruehlig – Should have stayed on the school board, they need him more than the council does which is a compliment.
  • Monica Wilson – I’d like to see her elected, but that depends on the voters of Antioch.  The Paul Seger endorsement scares me off a bit!

Brentwood Mayor

  • Steve Barr   – The endorsement of the Times is all you need to go off in order to  vote for his opponent.
  • Bob Taylor – Say what you will about Mayor Bob, he has my support and a record to back it up.

Brentwood City Council

  • Chris Becnel – Just can’t get behind him. He came off poorly in the forum and lost me.
  • Bob Brockman – If Brentwood wants to provide him with lifetime benefits while ignoring his fiasco last year, vote him in but there are better candidates.
  • Gene Clare – I am backing Clare. I would encourage others to get behind him as well.
  • Carissa Pillow – The wild card of the race.
  • Erick Stonebarger – By far was the best at the forum. Not my first choice, but not my last choice either. Hard to see him not be re-elected.

Oakley Candidates:

  • Ron Borland – Under any circumstance, absolutely not!
  • Diane Burgis – Best candidate of the bunch by a mile.
  • Doug Hardcastle – We have seen his leadership at Ironhouse. Increased rates, excessive benefits, stipend abuse so no thanks! He can claim he has attended Oakley City Council meetings since 1999, but he was paid to attend 101 of them by Ironhouse at a cost of $17,000 to ratepayers.
  • Dave Hansen – a very solid choice and believe he can do some real good on the council.
  • Kevin Romick – with this field, deserves another term
  • Randi Adler did not have a profile

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7 Responses »

  1. This is a fun read, you are stating what we are all thinking! Some may not like it, the truth hurts.

  2. Spot on for Antioch. Not thrilled with any of the mayor candidates. Harper by default. I laughed at the Steve Barr comment, same could be said for Gary Agopian.

  3. Mr. Burkholder, Gary Agopian is the only person on the Council trying to improve Antioch. The others have done very little. It doesn’t matter how he tries to get the job done. At least he is trying. That counts for something. He has actually put his time and effort into finding solutions unlike others.

  4. This is classic! I agree with David Pee, this is what most of us are thinking and no one should be offended by it. I think Burk could have done a lot worse on each of the candidates. I miss these types of post Burk. You are to politically correct all of a sudden. I hope you lose your race so your writing is more fun in the future like this piece. Although, I do want you to fix Ironhouse.

  5. I can see the author of this blog has a sense of humor.

  6. Bob the slob Taylor has to go! He is an collosal embarrassment to Brentwood (even when he is not talking about himself in the third person). He has been way over his head for some time now. For God sakes people, he is a financial mess. According to very reliable sources he lost his home in forclosure and then took to selling hot dogs on the sidewalk…… until that venture went belly up. The “press” thought it was “cute”, but the rest of us saw it for what it was…..pathetic!

    He’s not the person that should be running a city nor a “hot dawg” stand.

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