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Photos: Grand Opening of the Big Break Delta Visitor Center

25 years ago science teacher Tom Torlakson and two Oakley Sanitary District Board Members Dwight Meadows and Lenney Byer initiated the idea of educational programs and a science center in the Delta. I was at the Grand Opening and took the photos of the $11 million  Delta natural education and science center at Big Break Regional Shoreline to tell the story of the maze of islands and waterways that provide much of California’s water and vast habitat.

This is a fabulous achievement that began with three people and spread out to many.  We are fortunate to have this center in our own backyard as it will be a huge asset to East County and to the generations ahead as the the East Bay Regional Park District has  long-awaited opening the 5,500-square-foot visitor center with space for public exhibits and labs for students and others to do environmental research.

I urge everyone to check it out. I also want to thank those who had the foresight decades ago to begin the process and to those who continued the push to turn this into a reality.

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  1. Great photos Burk. You seem to able to cover the local events much better than the Press newspapers and the CCTimes combined.

    A much deserved “Thank You” to Tom Torlakson, Dwight Meadows, Lenny Byer and all of the others that made this happen.

  2. We at GreenWorld Trees, applaud the hard work and dedication of the fine people who brought this marsh into a teaching tool for the children and the community. It was especially gratifying to see so many divergent citizens and groups come together to make this happen. We are working along side to provide shade and carbon sequestration to parks and community properties, parking lots and public buildings in support of the sustainable urban forest projects supported by these entities. It was a great day for us and for Oakley and EBRPD!! Congratulations!

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