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Oakley: My Sample Ballot

Now that absentee ballots are being sent back to the County and sample ballots are being opened, here is how I would encourage folks to vote in the Oakley area on voting day. While this is not a complete ballot, these are races which I strongly endorse and encourage folks to follow me on election day!

Up first, my race.

Ironhouse Sanitary District

This is easy, vote for me! While you can vote for up to three candidates, voting only for me gives your vote more meaning–the math is proven because you are not adding extra votes to my opponents. Note, if your going to vote for two, throw Aaron Meadows a vote!

In all seriousness, if you are going to vote for three, then all incumbents must go (David Conteras and Michael Painter).  Ratepayers automatically will be saving money on benefits as we would come in at a much lower paying tier than the current board. If nothing else, it reduces the burden on ratepayers.

Oakley City Council

Diane Burgis should be on every residents ballot. She is the most complete candidate of the bunch. Given the field, Kevin Romick deserves another term while I believe David Hansen would be a solid asset to the council.

Assembly District 11

This one shouldn’t even be hesitation. Oakley residents should want representation in Sacramento regardless of politics.   With that said, Mike Hudson is an extremist who created a Tea Party Chapter in Solano County who is pretending to be more moderate than he really is so he can get votes. Truth is, the Republicans are not even supporting him.  Jim Frazier has always been what he is, a moderate trying to put people to work with a common sense approach!

State Senate:

I actually happen to like Mark Meuser as a person, but going up against Mark DeSaulnier who has a lot of accomplishments and a large network.  He is by far the best man for the job! Watching the debate a few weeks back, it wasn’t even close as DeSaulnier won with facts and solid explanations of the issues rather than talking points.

US Congress

I thought about this all of about two-seconds. Having followed this race very closely, Ricky Gil would damage the District with his arrogance. He also claims social issues are not a part of his campaign and focusing on what he considers “bread and butter” issues–sorry Ricky, you don’t get to pick the issues, the voters do!

He has little going for him as we inch towards November so he has gone very negative. As someone who believes in protecting the Delta, with Gill accepting money from the water district that stands to gain the most from the canal, Gill should be rejected by all voters in the 9th District.

Community College District, Ward 5

I’ve met both candidates. Woolridge is by far the choice and think he can do some good. He has  a very nice platform that if implemented can do a lot of good for the community and the students.

Antioch School District

For those of us who are deemed “Oakley Orphans”, you have a say on the Antioch School Board. While you can vote up to three, your vote carries more weight if you vote for just 1 or 2 candidates. Diane Gibson-Gray is the best choice.

And for the bonus….

Prop 32.

Excuse my “french” but this is a big fat HELL NO!!!! Anytime one side (Democrat/Republican) tries and silence the other side its flat out wrong on principal. We can disagree on politics, but to silence one side is un-American. Many Republicans have even called Prop 32 “imperfect” due to the many many many special exemptions.


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  1. Very solid choices, I’d vote for you if I could. This just goes to show you how poor the Republican candidates are when many Republicans I know are just going with who is best for the District.

  2. Looks like Burk has gone Democrat. Well played son! I can’t blame you considering the lack of quality in Republican candidates.

  3. You’re a Republican? Wow, how did you get on my friends list Mike? Sorry to say this but, I guess my votes will be cancelling yours out because I’m pretty much going straight Republican and Conservative ticket.

    • Debra, that is how sheep vote instead of the best candidates. Look at Hudson who even republicans have walked away from,, Meuser has never served in office and accomplished very little politically in California yet he is jumping to state senate, Gill is buying the election just out of college while never winning a seat anywhere. This is the weakest republican field in years. The Conservative ticket is the party of no, they are simply going on talking points without providing solutions.

  4. Burke, I expect nothing less of you. All democrats and of course you say No to 32. Unions need to go, they are why California has gone broke! I am going opposite of you in every race except yours which I can’t figure out why I’d actually vote for you if I could.

  5. Mr. Burkholder, while i can appreciate your dedication to fixing Ironhouse and saying vote for three new candidates, the rest of your ballot stinks! You should really give Ron Borland a look, he is what the City needs to prevent anymore City Manager deals. Jim Frazier will never get my support and same goes for DeSaulnier and McNerney.

  6. Way to go Burke, don’t listen to the naysayers from CoCo Tax, you rock! Solid picks! Love your explanation on Ricky Gill and Prop 32.

  7. Burk, where is Measure Q on your list? Totally agree with you on Prop 32, very well said and very simply put that makes sense. Solid choices on state and federal offices. Burk, you would have my vote if I could vote for you. Diane Gibson is a solid choice for school board.

  8. Wow, a candidate telling people to vote for other candidates in his same race. I hear what he is saying, but its stupid. Burk, you have my vote, but suggesting the other two only hurts you. I’ll never vote for Michael Painter based on his history in Oakley with the law and his business license. I’ll never vote for Doug scheer based on his destruction of the Oakley Chamber of Commerce. As for your other suggested votes, I totally agree with you.

  9. Burk is the only candidate willing to tackle the Director benefits and stipends while wanting to find a way to reduce rates to the ratepayers. He should be on everyones ballot. None of the others have said a word. People would be fools not to vote for him.

    For Oakley City Council, I know Burk is hard on Hardcastle and Borland, but those two and Burgis get my vote. Kevin Romick just has not done enough to warrent a vote as his City Manager deal is inexcusable. Who is Dave Hansen anyway, I’ve never heard of him.

    • Jamie, Dave Hansen is a long time Oakley resident. I’ll let you find out about him through his web-site @ My husband and I attended a dinner for him and left really liking him. He’s very down to earth and wants the best for our City of Oakley. We support Dave Hansen.

  10. I will never vote for Doug Scheer or Doug Hardcaslte. Burk, you have my vote and telling others to vote for you as well. Aside from Prop 32. Nice choices on candidates.

    • Most people do not understand voting for one instead of all three/two. Because it says vote for three does not mean your ballot is thrown out if you don’t. The wisest thing you can do for your candiate is vote for him and no one else. Hope you win but if you don’t stay on top of those guys. You have done one heck of a job.

      • Julio, it is called “bullet” voting and is very effective! Let’s hope Burk gets in there and works with the rest of the board to improve things for the district.

  11. I like it…right on down the line! (Although I wish there was a better choice in the 11th District).

    The Republicans need to field better people (candidates) because they are forcing a lot of Republicans (like me) to vote for the opposition. I always vote for the best person regardless of party affiliation. Working across the aisles begins at the ballot box!

    Just my .02 you can keep the change, and speaking of that……..Obama has got to GO

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