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Pittsburg Mayor Lashes Out at Times Editorial Board

I will be the first one to admit I am my own worst editor, but what Pittsburg Mayor Ben Johnson put out last night attacking the Times Editorial Board was classic because his rant was full of spelling errors. While I agree with what he said on the Editorial Board, I will disagree with the coverage as when you compare Pittsburg to other East County Cities, they appear to have more coverage than say Oakley or Brentwood.

Aside from the spelling errors, good for him on calling out the Editorial Board on a faulty endorsement process!

Via Facebook:

I want to thank the Bay Area News Group Editorial for their Non Support for my re-el-ection Campaign. They be the naysayers of what we have accomplished in the City of Pittsburg and most of the time we are without their service. That includes the free Pittsburg insert, as when it’s our turn and it comes out, we are lucky to have one article in that section about any of the positive things that have happened in our city.

We have balanced our Budget annually, we used redevelopment funds wisely, we have built new and rebuilt old buildings in our downtown, we have built a new plaza for so many uses.

We have many new restaurant’s that are flourishing, we have a new Brewery, new housing, we restructured the 8th to 10th Street area, new streets sidewalks, undergrounding of all electrial lines, repaired the outdated water and sewer lines. We continue to remove grafitti very quickly. We have maintained a strong police presence throughout the city without layoffs or furlows.

As a council we work well together to accopmplish all these so many things. So I ask you, do I deserve to be re-elected to our City Council for another Term? If the change you have seen over the last 8 years is postive in your eyes, I ask you you to continue this positive action by Voting for me on Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thank You,
Ben Johnson
City of Pittsburg


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  1. Good for him, this is why many people have boycott the Times.

  2. Way to go Mayor! I wish more people would call the Times out like you did.

  3. Fantastic push back against the CCTimes editorial board (Dan Borenstein and Dan Hatfield). It is no secret that those two are trying to control Contra Costa politics and elections. The joke is on them as many believe it continues to cost the paper more and more subscriptions. I actually feel sorry for those that they “endorse” based on their single priority; pension reform. Borenstein is infatuated with unfunded liabilty because he doesn’t quite comprehend why it’s as common as a 30 year mortgage. He just doesnt get it. Unfortunately neither of them appear to be properly educated or qualified to be telling candidates how to do their job or select their priorities. Let’s face it; an editorial endorsement is just an unqualified opinion disguised as something it isn’t….researched. Too bad readers don’t have the opportunity to actually meet the “editorial board” face to face as the candidates have. The public would be extremely dissapointed, there would be a lot of eyes opened (and likely, even more subscriptions canceled).

    While watching the “Times” candidate debate/interviews, it was obvious that Boringstein actually believes he is the smartest guy in the room, when it is painfully obvious he is indeed the dumbest. He comes across as both arrogant & ignorant.

    Kudos to Mayor Ben Johnson for having the backbone to stand up to these one dimensional, single issue paper pushers. I have little doubt that many other politicians and candidates for office feel the same way!

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