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Carpaccio’s Politely Corrects Accusations from Hook, Line & Sinker

Manuel and Sandra Muñoz issued a mild response to Michelle E. Buchholz of Hook, Line & Sinker Letter to the Editor correcting misinformation she had stated which begins with the loan.  This could be the Oakley version of the Hattfields and McCoys as the two will soon be neighbors who could be feuding based off a war of words and facts.

Buchholz claimed the loan was for $2.175 million, but this is not true because it was actually $1.8 million.  Spending a little time looking at the documents, the additional $375,000 is NOT part of the Carpaccio’s loan and is for the City building next door. The Muñoz will not see a dime of that.

While I am sure the Muñoz probably had more to say, kudos for them for taking the high road to keep the peace when the Buchholtz were not even being honest with their own deal they are receiving from the City on their month-to-month rent agreement.

Here is their letter which is in the Brentwood Press.


As the owners of Carpaccio Italian restaurant, we are very excited about being in Oakley and being a part of the new construction in the downtown.

Over the years we have had so many customers from Oakley, Brentwood, Discovery Bay and the surrounding area and look forward to those customers and many new ones as we open the new restaurant in downtown Oakley. A recent letter to the editor included some misinformation that I feel is important to correct.

No City money is a part of the Carpaccio restaurant. The total loan amount of $1.8 million (not the figure mentioned in the letter) came from the former Redevelopment Agency. Further, with the state taking redevelopment funds away, it is much better that those funds be used here in Oakley and not in Sacramento.

Our restaurant was not the first or only business to receive financial investment that facilitated the possibility of a beautiful landmark building and quality dining restaurant. Our family will be paying an interest rate on the loan that is nearly 10 times the rate of return the former Redevelopment Agency would have earned by way of interest rate.

We strongly believe our family’s long-term investment in Oakley will yield long-lasting benefit to the community. Our family is wholeheartedly committed to Oakley and its residents.

As with many small-business owners, the downturn in the economy has presented challenges, but none is insurmountable or significant enough to impact our commitment to Oakley residents and taxpayers.

Know we are on the construction site every day performing tenant improvements to get the restaurant opened in late November, and thank the community for their continued support.

Manuel and Sandra Muñoz



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  1. I think you said it best last week Burk. Michelle Buchholz is entitled to her own opinions, but not her own facts.

  2. If this deal was done last year, where were the Buchholtz then? This all of a sudden just came up? Give me a break! The timing of their letter was just weeks before an election and about a month before the opening of Carpaccios. These people are nothing more than being all about what is best for them and not Oakley. Maybe its their way of getting their business name in the paper. I think Carpaccios went too nice on them.

  3. Customers since Carpaccio’s originally opened in Antioch I can tell you they are really very very nice people. They do not deserve what Michelle did. She should have talked to the city about some facts first. But I guess we all know now who she really is. How sad.

  4. The Munoz really took the high road, good for them. Can’t wait to eat their food again. I miss it. The Buchholtz should issue a public apology immediately.

  5. I hope the Buchholtz are charged double for food and service compared to the rest of Oakley. What Michelle did was wrong on many levels. I stopped going in there as soon as I figured out their prices stink!

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