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Burgarino Serves Notice on Revoked Non-Profit Status Story in Antioch

Paul Burgarino of the Contra Costa Times put out an eye opening story today on how the Antioch Babe Ruth League had been operating on a revoked non-profit status for more than two years.   In doing a quick IRS search, I found 161 non-profits who have had their status revoked for one reason or another.  While Burgarino covered just one non-profit, there are many others who have some explaining to do as they also may be operating without the proper IRS paperwork filed.

Here is a portion of the article.

A local youth baseball league has been operating with a revoked nonprofit status for more than two years, according to the Internal Revenue Service.

Antioch Babe Ruth League officials, however, only found out about it recently.

The revelation has led to a shake-up on the league’s board of directors, a scramble to reestablish its financial footing and an investigation into why tax forms went unfilled for years.

According to the IRS, Babe Ruth’s status was revoked on May 15, 2010, as it failed to return its 990-series tax forms for three consecutive years.

Click here to read the full article

On Bergarino’s Twitter, there is a link to the IRS page to look closer at organizations who have had their status revoked.  In doing a simple search, there are many other non-profits who may also be operating without proper non-profit status.

  • Antioch: 99 organizations had revoked status
  • Brentwood: 41 organizations had revoked status
  • Discovery Bay: 6 organizations had revoked status
  • Oakley: 15 organizations had revoked status

Below, here is a graphic off the website which I pulled for non-profits in Oakley who have had their status revoked. Its pretty eye opening because some well known people in the community are apart of these organizations.

IRS Link: IRS page


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  1. This is something I have been speaking about for several years. There are many non-profits doing things they should not be doing and perhaps they have no clue. This could have been an oversight. However the “non-profit” area needs to be gone through one by one and cleaned out. Could easily be 60 to 75 percent operating illegally That means you and I are paying for it..

  2. Looking at that list, I can see some well known people in Oakley involved with some of those groups. I would urge those folks to correct the problem or keep their mouths shut until their status is reinstated.

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