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Ironhouse – a simple math problem

Oakley resident Christine Espinal put out a kind letter of support for me in Ironhouse Sanitary District race in the Brentwood Press. She makes a lot of sense when she explains how Ironhouse can be defined as a simple math problem because the new directors come in on a much lower benefits tier than the current incumbents by more than half.  By voting for Michael Burkholder, Aaron Meadows and Doug Scheer, ratepayers will see an immediate savings before the Board takes any action.

She also raises other good points such as ratepayer respect by calling out those questioning the Board as “gadflies” or “Board watchers”. Save that rhetoric for the blogs and not at a public meeting as its disrespectful.

I like her logic, like me, she is looking out for all ratepayers.



I am encouraging ratepayers to vote out all incumbents from the Ironhouse Sanitary District because of their excessive benefits and stipends abuse that have gone unnoticed to ratepayers until candidate Michael Burkholder brought it forward.

It was reported that one director claimed $21,012 in benefits each year to attend a few meetings per month plus his meeting stipends. This is excessive, and he should be voted out. It’s been recommended that multiple directors have abused stipends for years and should pay back ratepayers for false claims.

The current board has referred to those questioning the benefits and pay as “gadflies” and “board watchers.” I am insulted by this attitude and lack of respect to ratepayers whom they are supposed to represent. I would like to provide some simple math as why voters should vote in three new candidates.

The current board is eligible to receive up to $1,588 in medical benefits alone. The new board is now on a new tier and is capped at around $600 in medical benefits. By voting in new directors, ratepayers see an immediate savings of nearly $1,000 per director each month ($12,000 per year). If a director declines medical, the savings is greater.

While Michael Burkholder is my first choice by far, as he is the only candidate trying to work for ratepayers, by voting in three new candidates, the district will see an immediate savings. The math is on the ratepayer’s side: vote out all incumbents!

Christine Espinal


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  1. She has explained exactly what I am doing. I am voting for Burkholder, Meadows, and Scheer. The days of playing games with the ratepayers needs to come to an end. Although, Meadows concerns me a bit with his history to the District with his dad. But he has to be better than the current bunch of self serving Directors.

  2. I am only casting a vote for Burkholder, he is the only one worthy and we know what he wants to accomplish. I’ve never heard a word out of anyone else who is running.

  3. Board-watchers? The more the merrier and the better for the community. Go to city commissions, city council meetings…everything! There are very few people like Mr Burkholder watching your backs and he cannnot do it alone. Don’t just vote him in, support him and GO to the meetings. Usually attendance for any meeting is very few people in Antioch. If you want Oakley to thrive and be what you like you have to work fot it.

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