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Press Issues Carpaccio’s Correction

When I came out with the line stating that Hook, Line & Sinkers Michelle E. Buchholtz was entitled to her own opinion, but not her own facts while then proceeding to correct her misinformation, I came under fire from her and some of her supporters. Well, in today’s Brentwood Press, they issued a correction of their own on page 3A which pretty much sums up what I had stated a day after her Guest Commentary came out last week.

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  1. Damn Burk, your on the ball. You did your own correction a lot sooner. So much for all that research she said she did.

  2. This is good that the Press would issue this, but they never should have printed it until they verified the facts. I believe those who attacked you for trying to correct facts need to apologize to both the Munoz and you! This is just another case of people being against Burk for all the wrong reasons because this is just another case of him being 100% correct and getting attacked for it.

  3. This correction should be posted on the front door of Carpaccios on opening night and placed inside every menue for everyone to see what type of people the Buchholtz are..

    Mr. Burkholder took heat and its turns out he was right, He has guts to say what we are all thinking and takes the heat when most wont. He isn’t blowing smoke either, he is actually correct when doing it. He is a true leader and he has my vote.

  4. The truth does come out, unfortunatly the damage has been done. Based off of Burks original post about Hook, Line & Sinkers rent being far below market value, I would hope their rent gets increased to fair market value.

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