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Vote Burkholder for Ironhouse

Here is a nice Letter to the Editor in support of me for the Ironhouse Sanitary District from Stephanie LoCoco in the Brentwood Press this week.  It’s always nice to read kind words from others in a paper.  I think she made some solid points 🙂



I wanted to bring attention to a race that is receiving little media attention to the residents of Oakley and Bethel Island – the Ironhouse Sanitary District. I would encourage voters to vote for Michael Burkholder on Election Day because he is the only candidate who is out there actually fighting for the ratepayers while promoting transparency.

He has exposed the board’s excessive benefits to the point the board had no chance but to reduce its benefits for new directors within 30 days of his call for action. Unfortunately, current directors would not give up their $1,700 per month in benefits for attending a few meetings. The current board selfishly protected its own benefits, which is why no current director should receive your vote, as they are now more expensive to the ratepayers.

Mr. Burkholder has also brought forward a more serious issue, which is the abuse of stipends, where I would hope the district attorney investigates further. Mr. Burkholder has called on reform as to what can be claimed and what cannot. He has also called on current directors to return money back to the ratepayers.

He has proven to be a leader because he is not even elected and has done more good for the ratepayers in a few months than some on the board have done in years. Ironhouse needs change, and I think every ratepayer should support Mr. Burkholder on Election Day because he is the only one trying to work for ratepayers instead of continuing with business as usual, which has only gotten our rates increased each year since 2000.

Stephanie LoCoco


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  1. A good letter

  2. When Mr Burkholder IS elected, and there should be no doubt, the bad thing is he will no longer be able to write this good stuff for us. We know he will do the right things but his public speaking will be seriously curtailed. Bad for us in that respect. GO BURK!

  3. Too often we vote for someone that we assume will act in a certain way, sometimes we vote for someone based on what they say they will do, but I prefer to vote for people that SHOW me what they will do. Mike Burkholder is showing us, I admire that.

    I too will ONLY be submitting one vote even though I can vote for three. That one vote will be for Mr Burkholder.

  4. Master B-wood,

    You would also have to be an adult too.
    I am an adult and I will vote for Burk for you.It will be interesting to see the results of Mr. Burk talking down to all the other board members in a public meeting.
    Vote for Mr. Burk.


  5. Awwwww, Millie you are a riot. Keep it coming.

  6. Without a doubt I will be voting for Mike. . .I am in hopes that ALL of Bethel Island residence will join me as well. VOTE VOTE VOTE. . . .plus I am sure that once Mike is elected he will see that Ironhouse will become a member of the Bethel Island Chamber. Mike alone keeps our Island informed. Thank you Mike !!!!

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