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Protect Your Rate: Vote Burkholder & Meadows For Ironhouse

With 8 days until the election, voters need to realize that the current Ironhouse Sanitary District Board has increased your rates every year since 1999 and do not plan to stop anytime soon, if ever!   If you are happy with that, you can continue to vote in the incumbents and pay more. These are the same Directors who have refused to reduce their own benefits are reign in stipend abuse where they can max out at over $30,000 per year in benefits and stipends.  This is unacceptable for any part-time elected position.

You have one Director up for election running around with his signs saying he is for lower rates–during his tenure, he (Michael Painter) has increased your rate 250% which the chart below provides the figures.  Simply put, Mr. Painter is a liar! Yes I said it, he is a liar! He hasn’t lowered anything, he has increased your rates and if he is lying about this on a sign, how can you trust him with any other matter relating to Ironhouse?  Mr. Painter is also the Director who has most abused stipends and benefits which has cost ratepayers dearly each month. He now has lifetime benefits.   Like I said, if you are happy about this, go ahead and vote for the incumbents.

If you want real change that will reduce the burden to the ratepayers and your bank account, vote for me, Michael Burkholder and have someone on your side fighting for you and providing more transparency on what is actually is going on with the District. Its time to reform the stipend claims and its time to end all medical, dental, and vision benefits for any Director.  It’s time to stop the annual operating budget from jumping up each year as its now at $12.25 million. In 2010, it was just $7 million. The Board is not working on behalf of you because everywhere else their have been spending freezes and/or reductions–Ironhouse increased its spending!

On voting day, I’d be honored to have your vote so we can stop this madness!

Since you do have three votes, it doesn’t mean you have to vote for three candidates–simply just vote for me and call it a day on the Ironhouse section of your ballot 🙂 . But if your set on choosing more than one, the only other candidate I will be supporting is Aaaron Meadows. Through my conversations with him, he is also concerned with what has transpired at the District and wants to resolve some of the issues. He also wants to bring back honor to the Board like his dad once provided which is pretty neat.  He would be a solid choice given the alternatives!

Let’s work to reduce rates, not continue to increase them as shown below!

99/00: $249
00/01: $258
01/02: $276
02/03: $282
03/04: $291
04/05: $300
05/06: $360
06/07: $412
07/08: $465
08/09: $510
09/10: $542
10/11: $574
11/12: $592
12/13: $618

Meanwhile, our neighbors pay a lot less for services than we do. Check it out.

  • Antioch: $262.16—including fees, its $385
  • Bay Point: $378.02—including fees, its $454
  • Brentwood: $541
  • Concord: $326
  • Pittsburg: $266.82—including fees, its $378

Remember, the choice is yours on election day and the only way change will occur in your favor is to vote out the incumbents!


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  1. calling someone a liar is blunt but you are spot on in this case about Painter. While he is a nice guy, he is a liar and the chart shows it. if he is lying on his signs, he can’t be trusted. his benefits and stipends as Burk has reported on in the past should provide all you really need to know about why this guy should never serve in office again.

    you got my vote Burk, but Mr. Meadows is a question mark. i know nothing about him or where he stands. I may just trust you on Nov. 6. hopefully Mr. Meadows can explain why we should vote for him.

  2. Well said Burk, but as a candidate, you shoulnd’t promote your competition. Doesn’t Mr. Meadows mean ratepayers instead of taxpayers? I trust your advice on this, I’ll give Meadows and you a vote.

  3. You calling someone a liar doesn’t make you any friends even if you are right. You realize you will have to work with some of these people right? Your supporting one of your opponents is stupid strategy!

  4. While I agree it isn’t the best strategy politically to support an opponent. I think Burk is revealing a less obvious part of his persona and that is someone that wants to colaborate and work with people. Also, he genuinely wants to bring in three new people right off the bat so he can save the ratepayers money. On top of that I would imagine that he would be able to accomplish more with new directors rather than those incumbents should he be elected. There may be some folks currently sitting on the board that might not appreciate the heat and attention Burk has brought them. By helping bring new folks in he helps create the best dynamics for the real change he wants to bring.

    Yes it is a risky move but I think it shows his true commitment to getting things done for the Ironhouse Sanitary Distict ratepayers.

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