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Wade Harper Endorses Jerry McNerney

No surprises here as Antioch Mayor Pro Term Wade Harper has come out and endorsed Congressman Jerry McNerney in the new 9th Congressional District which includes Antioch.

“Over the years, I have seen Congressman McNerney stand up for what is right for our city, state and country. He has fought to bring back federal resources, partnering with local folks who know what is needed most, right here at home,” stated Harper who was elected to the city council in 2010 and is running for Mayor, this year. “Especially when it comes to reducing crime, we have a true partner in Congressman McNerney and should send him back to Washington to keep fighting for us.”

When asked what specifically McNerney has done for Antioch, Harper said “Jerry always fights for federal funds to improve infrastructure, like the bypass, that creates jobs and relieves congestion in our area.”

Wade Harper is currently running for Mayor of Antioch and would be a solid choice on November 6 given the alternatives.  You can find out more about Mr. Harper at his website:


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  1. Great Photo, where was it taken? This endorsement comes as no surprise which you are correct. Of the mayoral candidates, Harper is not the best candidate we have had, but he is better than the others.

    • No he isn’t even a good candidate for council. That shows what Seeno money can buy.
      Anyone who wants to go look at 2010 candidate papers at city hall will see what I mean. It is interesting.

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