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Freedom Parents: Send Kids to School!

Here are various messages from Oakley leaders encouraging parents to send their kids to school despite the rumors of potential violence. As a result, there will be added police on duty at the school today.  While its important for parent and students to be safe, rumors about potential violence are not always true.  The rumor was there was going to be a shooting based off a fight at last nights game. Again, most of it is rumors spread by social media and that by keeping your kids home, it not only effects their education, but it takes away funding from schools.

I would assume there will be added security at tonight’s Bell game due to the rumors flying around.  I would encourage folks to attend the game and realize we have some of the best officers in Contra Costa Costa County helping keep us safe.

Below are comments from Oakley leaders.

Erik Faulkner, Principal of Freedom High School:

Over the past three days there have been a few isolated rumors, mostly through social media, regarding potential violence that may happen at school today. Each of these rumors have been followed-up with numerous interviews of students. Absolutely nothing has been confirmed. Each student or parent said they heard about it from a friend, parent, facebook, twitter, instagram or other social media outlets but they have not heard anything from an actual reliable source. However, we take these rumors seriously.

We will have added police presence, additional staff, administrators, and we have contact with our fellow school sites for additional support if needed. Although we have found no evidence to support these rumors, I want to assure you that we will do everything possible to ensure the safety our our students.

Thank you for the support of our students, staff, and community.


Kevin Romick, Mayor of Oakley:

Freedom High School and Oakley Police officials received information of a possible incident at Freedom today. Both organizations have mobilized, identified possible suspects and spoken to them already this morning. We’re not sure if any of the threats are valid; however there will be a large Police presence at the campus today.


Diane Burgis, Oakley City Council Candidate

I just want everyone to know that I am sending my son to school today at Freedom. My understanding that there has been no verified threats but as a precaution there will be more of a police presence. Social networks are great for getting information out but they can also be good for spreading false information. Send your kids to school!!


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