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Oakley’s Election Cheat Sheet

This is my official City of Oakley Cheat Sheet for Tuesdays election day voting. These are all solid picks and I’ve studied each race closely.

Oakley City Council:

Simply put, a vote for any other candidate no listed is asking for growing pains in Oakley. Burgis, Romick and Hansen are the best of the bunch and I will leave it at that.  Borland is running on anger over a non-issue in the City Manager deal.  It’s already been fixed and won’t happen again. Meanwhile, Hardcastle is running on a record of raising rates at Ironhouse each year since 1999 while benefits and stipends have been abused. He also stated to the CC Times he is not a fan of cutting rates/fees for the City so if you want to pay more out of pocket, cast your vote for him.

Ironhouse Sanitary District:
While I only list myself, simply put, vote out all of the incumbents and ratepayers see an immediate savings in medical benefits by nearly $1,000 per month.   If elected, one of my first actions will be to call on an audit to review director stipends and further define what should and should not be claimed. I will also call on the current board to further eliminate benefits for new directors.  If you only vote for me, your vote has more impact.

Community College Board, Ward V
De’Shawn Woolridge is the best pick by far.

Assembly District 11:
Simply put, would Oakley rather have someone from Oakley representing them in Sacramento or someone from Suisun City? Leaving all the politics out of the discussion, this one comes down to common sense. Even if those don’t like Frazier, you would be unwise to want to have someone from Solano County represent you and fight for Oakley’s needs in Sacramento. Who better to do it than someone from Oakley?

State Senate, District 7
This one is easy, Mark DeSaulnier has done much good for the area and will continue to do much good. He has the relationships and history to work on both sides.

US Congress, District 9
I do not want a 25-year old kid who will get eaten alive representing me in Washington, DC. Jerry McNerney does not need the training wheels Ricky Gill will need.  This is another easy vote given Ricky Gill has accepted thousands of dollars from Southern California water interests who want the canal built.

Antioch School District
This race effects the “Oakey Orphans”, I’d encourage a vote Diane Gibson-Gray.


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7 Responses »

  1. I don’t get to vote for you or Oakley Council, but I agree, these are all solid picks in the other races!

  2. I will print this out and take it with me to my polling place. All good picks. What about the props?

  3. Biased list as Burkholder only lists himself for Ironhouse and no one else. He doesn’t have my vote as Doug Scheer, Michael Painter and David Contreras are all better choices.

    Mike Hudson, Ricky Gill and Mark Mueser are all better candidates than this stupid list. Shame on you Burkholder for being a mouth piece for certain people.

    • well said Lori. This list is biased.

    • Ya okay Lori, the only thing Doug has said during the race is that he supports the current directors receiving excessive benefits and wanted benefits to remain for new directors. Painter is going around on his signs lying about lower rates because for 12 years, he has increased them every year. Contreras was rude to ratepayers questioning them by calling them gadflies and board watchers. You sure know how to pick em don’t you?

  4. I’ll ask this again. Are Lori and Michelle related? Blonde?

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