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Final East County Election Thoughts

Now that I’ve had time to process last night’s results, it’s time to move forward and prepare for future battles. While East County had some expected results, the stories of the night were Monica Wilson taking out a longtime incumbent in Antioch while Kevin Romick and Bob Taylor held onto their seats.

Again, congratulations to all of last nights big winners!

Here is my quick rundown of the election results:

Antioch Mayoral – Wade Harper
This was an easy choice for Antioch and I support Mr. Harper, but now it’s time for Mr. Harper to step up and be a face for the city, the community, and back up his campaign promises.  The city residents need to encourage Mr. Harper to become the leader they expect him to be.

Antioch City Council – Mary Helen Rocha & Monica Wilson
While Mary Rocha was expected, her margin of victory was less than I expected which likely had something to do with Monica Wilson being a true dark horse and taking out James Davis. Wilson won this race with hard work and walking precincts.  Dispute the criticism by some in the media, she stayed the course and worked harder than anyone to earn the votes. Hopefully she can parlay that hard work onto the council and work for true change rather than the same old status quo Antioch residents have come to expect.  Very good choices for Antioch!

The real story is in the coming months, who will be appointed onto the council to replace Harpers seat. Will it be outgoing Mayor James Davis who took third? Walter Ruehlig? Noel Pinto?  While I do not know the bylaws of how this works if they go by straight appointment or next on the ballot, this could be interesting.

Brentwood Mayoral – Bob Taylor
I thought this one would be much closer than it was. Barr worked hard and did good things during his campaign but for whatever reason, residents stuck with Bob Taylor. This race is a perfectly good example of how hard it is to take out an incumbent.

Brentwood City Council: Erick Stonebarger & Gene Clare
I expected these two to be the top two vote getters and I was correct. What I didn’t expect was the drop off between second and third. Gene Clare is a perfect example of what campaigning is all about—a bit cheesy, but running for all the right reasons.

If Carissa Pillow keeps on her path, she will be a major threat in Brentwood going forward. With a little more coaching and studying of the issues I think she could potentially win the next time around. She campaigned like a champion and for being an unknown before a few months ago; she had a very strong showing and nearly placed higher than an incumbent who has been around.

Oakley City Council

Credit goes to Doug Hardcastle for being the top vote getter even if I was hard on his record at Ironhouse. He took it, worked harder in the final weeks and won. Congratulations to him. Oakley made a wonderful choice in Diane Burgis as I think she was a special candidate and will do great things for the city and surrounding communities. Kevin Romick was a solid choice and I think he deserves one more term.

With the new council to be seated in December, they have some serious issues to look at within City Hall and hopefully they can audit and correct some things which I think will be a benefit to the residents of Oakley in the long run while they will be tackling some big decisions pretty quickly. I am also curious on the committee appointments which will be very telling where this council is headed.

Ironhouse Sanitary District

I am very proud of my results as I earned 3,000+ votes which are more than some of the City Council candidates in Oakley.  I have some of the best supporters in the world. Some are attacking me today for my placement in the results which is fine, there will always be naysayers, but I’d like to remind them that my final placement is my own fault and I take the blame because I’d been promoting and encouraging support for Aaron Meadows. This gave him the votes needed to come in ahead of me by a whopping 4-votes. I’d do it again if given the choice because I wanted the best candidates on the Board, not the status quo to continue abusing ratepayers. I’ll take this experience and learn from it and grow as a person while continuing to support good candidates no matter if they are opponents in a multi-seat race.

US. House of Representatives – Jerry McNerney
I expected McNerney to win, but not by this big of margin. This is good news for the District and I believe McNerney can learn something from this election and not take being an incumbent for granted. The name of the game going forward is be more public and highlight accomplishments going forward.

State Senate District 7 – Mark DeSaulnier
A solid choice for the District and DeSaulnier was going to win from Day 1.

Assembly District 11 – Jim Frazier
What can I say about this race, I was pulling for Frazier since last year and believe he will do great things for not only the District, but for the communities he serves because that is just who he is. While this race was never going to be close, the real drama of the night was how big of win he would earn.  With a 22.2% win, that should cause concern for anyone thinking about challenging him next time around.


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  1. Congrats Michael on your victory..3,000 votes shows just how many people respect your views and support in their causes. I am disappointed in the end results because I truly believe you could have made a difference.

  2. Really sorry you didn’t win but I hope you will continue to be a watchdog for Oakley. I cannot agree on your comments on Antioch because I know the people you are discussing and they cannot be the same people. The only good thing that happend in Antioch is Mr Davis is gone.

    • I think Wilson will do good if she can put her foot down and not be a follower to the Democratic machine. Not a strong field to choose from so I think Burks comments are spot on.

      Did you become more mature over night Burk? Nice response on your race. I miss the bold responses back to folks.

  3. Mayor Bob should have been given his pink slip. Your comments on Barr are spot on but he never was able to get any traction even though he worked hard.

  4. @ MF, nothing says loser like not being able to spell loser. What are you, five years old? Go back to the Halfway to Concord blog. They cater to special people like you. Adios, MF!

    • Reader, MF’s comment was the first one i’ve ever deleted on this site.

      • Probably a good thing Burk…… His comment was better suited for a trash site (Halfwaytoconcord). It was nothing more than political spam from a known hack and I am told he is known as the douchebag of Discovery Bay. I don’t blame you for kicking him to the curb.

  5. Burkholder, I see your puppy Loooser ECR stays right by your side like a good puppy. You can sure dish it out but can’t take it. It shows by your deleting selective opinions. Painter is probably laughing at you right now.

    • I can remove post because that is my right as this is MY blog. if you want to personally attack me with childish language rather than discuss the issue, that is your prerogative but I will not allow it to occur. When I spoke about Painter, I left out all of his personal problems and stuck to his track record, morally I wasn’t going to go there as no one is perfect. While he is free to laugh at me, just as if you are, I hope you realize I know exactly who you are based off your IP. Next time, use spell check!

    • @ MF, it’s so nice I have to say it twice;

      “MF, nothing says loser like not being able to spell loser. What are you, five years old? Go back to the Halfway to Concord blog. They cater to special people like you. Adios, MF!”

      You are such a fool not to see the irony of your own comments.

      • MF needs to grow up. Can you tell me what you have actually done for your community other than run your mouth on a blog site while using an alias. Burk should say who you are and then maybe you would use your words more carefully.

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