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Quotes from Tuesdays Election Day Winners

I wanted to take a shot gun approach to give an insight to how many of the candidates feel after election day. I went around via Facebook, made a few phone calls, and pulled quotes from the local papers and have placed them all below.

While this may not be a complete list, I thought it was worthy to share all the quotes in once place.

Assembly District 11

“We did It ! Thank You to our Team, Family, Friends and Volunteers. It has been an amazing experience and I can’t wait to represent Assembly District 11 and get to work. Thank You very much, Let’s do this,” said Jim Frazier.

State Senate, District 7

“I’m very happy. I love my job, despite its challenges,” said Mark DeSaulnier.  “We’ll have to roll up our sleeves…  This will be very tough.”

US Congress, District 9

This win feels great. I am so honored that the people I have represented for the last six years have given me the chance to keep making a difference in our community,” said Jerry McNerney!


“I feel really good that I’m going to be able to help develop (the council) as a team, and we will work to address the issues in the city,” Harper said.  “It’s time to get to work in moving this city forward.” – Wade Harper

“I’m looking forward to the next four years and working as a team,”  Rocha said. “With Wade coming in as mayor, we’re all going to have to figure out how to pick up Antioch and move forward.”

“I’m glad I’ll have an opportunity to put back some of the things that we had to take away during my first term,” said Rocha, speaking about the last few years of city budget and staffing cuts. —Mary Helen Rocha

“It still hasn’t sunk in yet, I am just so excited. This is surreal,” said Monica Wilson.


“I ran one heck of a campaign, and I thank all of my supporters. I ran hard for you and I will run harder as your City Council person,” Gene Clare said. “I promise to reward that trust by being an excellent City Council person.”

“The people have always made the right decision. The people have always treated myself and my family in the proper manner. I try to give my city 100 percent,” Taylor said. – Bob Taylor

Via Facebook, Erick Stonebarger put out the following message, “Thank you Brentwood for your support and confidence. A special thank you to family and friends through this process. I’m honored to represent you for the next 4 years. Cheers Erick”


“It just proves you can get in there without a bunch of donations or endorsements or bad-mouthing people,” said Hardcastle, a small-business owner. His platform was simple: Hardcastle says he respects people and their ideas. ” … and have an open ear — I listen well,” he said. – Doug Hardcaslte

“I really didn’t know what to expect because if you have any kind of savvy as far as politics, you know people around you are going to tell you how great you’re doing,” said Diane Burgis, the executive director of a local nonprofit environmental group.

“Thanks for making me #1 in your vote Oakley! Your vote ~ Your voice! Thank you!” said Hardcastle via Facebook.

“T H A N K Y O U doesn’t even begin to express what I want to say to all of my family & friends out there. My son’s and I have been so embraced with love, support, & encouragement. I am overwhelmed and humbled by all of you.” Said Burgis via Facebook.

Antioch School Board:

“The best part of waking up” is not Folgers in your cup; it’s great election news (finalized)! My 4 AM wakeup news!

Thanks to the voters of Antioch, parts of Oakley & Pittsburg (AUSD school district boundaries), I am a two-term trustee. I appreciate their confidence! Thank you to all my FB friends who supported me and shared their support with their FB friends. Social media is a wonderful addition to the voting process. Thank you to the voters who supported Measure B! Antioch High is getting a long overdue facelift!Huge thank you to the voters of California who cared about our students and voted for Prop 30!  Mary Rocha continues to remain on the council (Ken’s her campaign manager). Great news all around. —Diane Gibson-Gray


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5 Responses »

  1. This is a great idea to do this. Thank you!

  2. Is Hardcaslte for real? What an arrogant jerk. He took a shot at people who may support a certain candidate (looks like he took a shot at Burgis) , unions, elected people and likely you Mike. Have fun with him for four years.

    I like Monica’s quote, you can just feel her excitement.

    I wonder for Taylor if Brentwood voted for Barr if he would claim Brentwood has always made the “right” decision. LOL

  3. @ JimS, You put it very well, especially regarding Bob Taylor. I’m not sure Bob Taylor has the ability for form a thought, let alone a decision. His re-election goes right to the point of uninformed voters casting uninformed votes. Anyone that has ever met him knows what a complete imbecile he really is (and that is putting it nicely). Bob is an adult that constantly talks about himself in the 3rd person! No one and I mean NO ONE takes him seriously. I understand he lost his home in foreclosure and recently lost his hot dog business-how is that for his business sense? This is the same guy that the voters re-elected to run the city???

    Did anyone bother to even watch the debates? Bob Taylor could not even answer the simplest of questions. The guy is downright clueless!

    Brentwood just took another big step back by electing Bob the Slob. Way to go Brentwood.

  4. B-wood is a loooser just like Burkholder.Two pees in a pod that always are pushing how stupid they really are. Maybe add the east county reader and you’ve got the short bus team. Bob Taylor and Michael Painter were elected by majority vote. You three stooges continue to try to make up stories and comments here because of the attention you didn’t get when you were children. B-wood can comment Bob the Slob and Burk the Jerk leaves it up. What a bunch of looosers.

  5. @MF,

    Typical response from a well-known window licker. So predictable! Make up stories? Really? Actually, if you spent less time blogging, and more time fact checking (like Burk) you would actually realize my comments are factual. I guess that would be asking too much of you.

    I am in good company with Burk and East county reader~thanks for reminding us all of that.

    It is a pleasure to know your frustration is getting the better of you still. Your post exemplifies that you are in complete denial. We can all see it, but can you?

    Get some help.

    p.s. Halfwayconcord is missing you (and your ½ dozen pseudonyms) terribly!

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