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Photo Update: Marsh Creek Restoration

I wanted to share a few pictures I took today from the Marsh Creek Restoration Project which is moving along nicely. They are currently planting some trees and plants which upon completion, will look spectacular!

In September, the project broke ground where the restoration project will restore 1,000 feet of Marsh Creek behind Creekside Park.  The $1,067,550 grant will be used to help provide plant shade trees, construct a creek side natural trail, and build a pedestrian bridge to link Marsh Creek Regional Trail and Creekside Park.

Diane Burgis, Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed executive director, was excited that the project was breaking ground and can’t wait to watch it progress over the next few months.

“This project is important to the watershed and to the City of Oakley for several reasons. It restores a portion of the creek to support an ecosystem that is not supported right now because there are no plants or trees along the creek,” explained Burgis. “50 years ago the flood district modified creek and turned it into a canal in order to make it more efficient at conveying the water through the area. At a consequence, all the trees and plants that were native wildlife was removed.  This project serves as an example as to what the rest of the creek could look like.”

Here is a couple pictures from the ground breaking with Mayor Kevin Romick and Diane Burgis.

By Michael Burkholder


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  1. Nice shots, but I still have no idea what the purpose of this is. Seems like its just a “pro-nature” project. Money could be better used on roads or on police.

  2. As I understand it, this was not City money. It was a grant, obtained in part by FOMCW for this specific project – so the funds could not be used for other purposes. It’s nice that the City was able to get the grant funds to do this (without dipping into City coffers), and improve this important area (Marsh Creek).

    Nice pics, Mike. Next time – stop by the house and we’ll get you a better vantage/view. 🙂

    • SAM is correct, five years ago, Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed with National Heritage Institute wrote the grant on behalf of the City of Oakley. This is not local funds and is project specific. The Friend of Marsh Creek Watershed did a great job with the grant and this is a fabulous project they have brought to the city which should be implemented in other parts along the creek and within other communities. Here is their website:

      SAM, I’ll stop by next time for sure.

  3. Yes, I was at this Ground Breaking and to see the progress is wonderful and for future water and habitat education it will benefit all who care about our watershed creek. This local creek flowing through Brentwood and Oakley needs constant monitoring.

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