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Save the California Delta Petition

There is a new petition that has been created to help save the California Delta which has been created by Jan McCleery and will be delivered to Governor Jerry Brown and President Barack Obama. The petition has a goal of 400 signatures and currently sits at 375 as of 6:45 am this morning.

Petition Statement
We oppose Governor Brown’s push to build huge tunnels, estimated to cost up to $60 billion, to bypass the California Delta. The impacts to the fish, fertile Delta farmland, Delta economy and recreation in both the Delta and San Francisco Bays more than offset any benefits provided by the tunnels.

Petition Background
Help us save the California Delta – the largest freshwater estuary West of the Mississippi, critical to the Northern California environment (the most important biological asset on the west coast, home to 750 species of fish, birds and other animals), recreation, local Delta farmers and Delta economy. Water exports have increasingly affected Delta water quality, resulting in a salmon fishery closure in 2008/2009 with significant economic losses, all to benefit the desert farmland’s big agribusiness millionaires. I live on the Delta and love it – it’s my backyard. Current plans will cause the demise of salmon and other fish and fowl and will harm the Delta economy and the health and quality of Delta water.

Sign the Petition


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  1. One correction – we have > 400 signatures now – our actual goal is way more than that! We need as many signatures throughout California as possible ! Thanks to everyone who signs and share it/pass the word to your friends and families. We can make a difference.


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