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Creekside Park Project Flooded

With this mornings heavy rain, it appears to have taken its toll on the Creekside Park Landscaping. According to Susan Morgan who lives along the project, several trees that were recently planted but not staked have been washed away. The flooding has overrun all of the plants, the black plastic “barrier”, and is eroding the sloped bank.

With the next round of storm coming, the damage could increase. At this time, the full assessment of the damage is unknown.  From what I’ve been told, the contractor is ultimately responsible for the damages and will have to fix it at their expense.

The funding for this project came from a  $1,067,550 grant which was being used to help provide plant shade trees, construct a creek side natural trail, and build a pedestrian bridge to link Marsh Creek Regional Trail and Creekside Park.

Here is a picture I took from a few weeks ago right before Thanksgiving.

Marsh Creek 2

Here are several pictures that were provided by Susan Morgan this afternoon.

YouTube Video:

By Michael Burkholder

Burk Byline


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  1. That is a lot of freaking water!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh my. Also, Freedom High School’s soccer field has morphed into a huge pool/basin.

  3. Tax dollars at work!


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