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Photos: Flooding in Oakley

Several locations throughout Oakley are flooding so be careful driving as gutters are full or plugged with leaves. Some are a even a few feet deep.  While driving around after breakfast, some of the locations I witnessed firsthand include:

  • Freedom Basin – big puddle in the middle of the road, stick to the left lane headed towards Brentwood
  • Laurel Ball Fields – huge mess
  • Laurel / Main – making right hand turns at this intersection is dangerous
  • Main Street (across from Black Bear) – go SLOW!
  • Main Street / Rose
  • Main Street / Carol Lane – I swear someone is going to get in an accident right there
  • Main Street to downtown

And parents, please keep your kids out of the Marsh Creek today as the water levels will be rising with this rain!

Here are a few pictures.

If you have photos of your own, please send them and I’ll add them to this list. You can email me at

Burk Byline

By Michael Burkholder


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  1. The city needs to get off their butts and fix the drains NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oakley has some of the worst drains in the area. They are lucky more people have not been killed on the roads listed above. Nice pictures to highlight why people should stay in doors.

  3. This is good information, thank you for this even if our politics are not in agreement.

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