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Frazier Joins Legislators Largest Freshman Class Since 1966

Frazier Profile

It’s a great day for Oakley, East County, and Assembly District 11 as Jim Frazier will be sworn in this morning and become Oakley’s first elected official to state office. Although I will be headed to Sacramento shortly, I wanted to share with you all a nice story from the Sacramento Bee today which mentions Frazier, but also highlights how this will be the largest freshman class since 1966.

Democrats will control both legislative houses by a supermajority for the first time since 1883. The party holds 29 of 40 seats in the Senate, 55 of 80 in the Assembly.

The Legislature will mark two other milestones today:

Term limits for the incoming class will be 12 years in either house, not a maximum of six in the Assembly and eight in the Senate.

• Nearly half the Assembly’s seats – 38 of 80 – will be filled by freshmen. The modern high, 39, was recorded in 1934.

Here are the portions of the article mentioning Frazier.
Democrat Jim Frazier’s swearing-in as an assemblyman today will climax a 12-year journey in politics that began with the death of his 20-year-old daughter in a head-on traffic accident.

“It’s been a long road to get this opportunity to serve the people of my district,” said Frazier, a former Oakley councilman. “I just can’t wait to start.”

Frazier dived head first into government after one daughter, Stephanie, was killed – and another critically injured – in a head-on crash sparked by black ice on Highway 50 near Ice House Road nine days before Christmas in 2000.

Frazier, a longtime contractor, pushed successfully for improvements to that stretch of Highway 50. He joined a road safety task force, then a planning commission, then won an Oakley City Council seat.

“I really enjoy helping people and building relationships,” Frazier said.



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  1. Congradulations Jim! You earned it.

  2. Congratulations.

  3. Small fish in a big pond….actually a big stagnant pond.

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