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Update: Creekside Park Project Damages Appear Minor

I wanted to provide an update to the flooding of the Oakley Creekside Park Restoration Project which the $1 million grant project took on a lot of water with the heavy rains. Although the project is not yet completed, it appears the project did exactly what it was supposed to do and those associated with the project are pleased with the results.

In speaking with Mayor Kevin Romick during the Christmas Tree Lighting, he stated “it did what it was supposed to do”. Meanwhile, Diane Burgis shared that she was excited to see the project after the storm and how it held up considering plants and grass were not completely planted to hold the dirt in place. Over time, the dirt movement should be reduced as vegetation grows.

While both may be pleased with the results, the contractor will still need to fix the damage since the project has not been completed and turned over to the city.

Fridays Storm


(photos courtesy of Susan Morgan)

Sundays Storm

CreekA 12.2CreekD 12.2

(photos courtesy of Susan Morgan)

The Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed put out a statement saying the project did exactly what it was supposed to do.

Oakley’s Creekside Park Restoration Project at work! Even though some plants were damaged during the recent storm (see video below) the water receded beautifully revealing a project that took the beating pretty good. As the plants mature and the ground settles we will see a terrific creek restoration project that improves the health of the creek and adds to the beauty of the park and neighborhood.

Here is a link to the video

Here are pictures I took after the storm which backs up their statement from Saturday. In viewing the location with Ms. Burgis, a few trees were damaged and some dirt was moved around due to the strong flow of water. No big deal from my perspective after Ms. Burgis educated me further on the project. After seeing it in action,  it was actually pretty amazing to see first hand how the expansion of the bank works and envisioning its future once growth occurs from plant life.  I was impressed and believe their needs to be more of these types of projects along the creek.

For more on Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed, please check out their website:

Burk Byline
By Michael Burkholder


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