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Oakley and UC California Share Similar Logo Problem

UC logo

The City of Oakley and the University of California share something in common,  they both held contest where the results left a lot to be desired with a logo redesign contest.

The LA Times wrote today about the new design and how current students and alumni have taken to social media to mock the new symbol, which was designed to reproduce more clearly online. Meanwhile, University of California officials said they were trying to project a “forward-looking spirit” when they replaced the university system’s ornate, tradition-clad logo with a sleek, modern one.

For Oakley, this pin/logo contest was noble idea, but its a complete waste of time at this point in time for Oakley’s history as the focus was supposed to be for the “Agricultural Conservation and Viticulture Program”. Now it will be a “pin”.  Apparently, those who vote get to help inform the City Council’s decision by voting for your favorite.

In reviewing the designs, realistically there is only 1 that “may” work, but none of them are worthy of a prize. The real question is how many people actually voted or even aware of the contest?

My belief, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

The truth is, Oakley doesn’t have a logo problem, it has an identity problem because of the lack of creativity and outreach of the City staff. Improve the outreach which will then brings in new business and residents. Once the innovation of new business occurs,  the identity will create itself over time.

You can view the 22+ designs submitted which voting ends today before the City Council meeting. Here are a few samples of the designs submitted where the City will award a $250 prize.




5 Responses »

  1. I bet East Bay Regional Park District is banking on Oakley picking the logo with their building in it. Too damn funny!

  2. Wow Burk, going after Oakley today which is surprising. Looking at the LA Times article, not very shocked that 95% of voters like the old logo better. This new one is a piece of crap.

  3. “The identity will create itself over time”. Excellent Burk. Hope someone will listen.

    Cal needs to keep the old one. Oakley needs to wait a while as Burk says.

  4. Trivia question; Anyone know the name of the book depicted in the original Cal logo?

    Hint; “B O K”

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