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Freedom High Could Have Been Our Sandy Hook Incident


With yesterdays tragedy leaving 28 dead at Sandy Hook Elementary School, I can’t help but think back to  early November at Freedom High School where a similar situation might have played out had the community not responded the way it did. Rumor or not, the actions of many prevented a potential act from occurring in Oakley.

With rumors flying around about “retaliation” via way of a shooting on campus, local police, school officials, staff along with parents and students all were on high alert.  The rumor of a gun (or gun fight)  on campus left nearly 63% of Freedom students  absent that early November day. I saw one rumor posted on social media claiming 12-guns were on campus. Another said there was a shooting.

While  no gun was ever found that day, there is no way to ever know if a gun was on campus or if a shooting could have occurred. It could have turned out much worse.

Looking back, the inconvenience of a lock down seems so minor considering yesterdays tragedy. Freedom High parents were upset, students were upset, but what could have happened yesterday at Sandy Hook if the school did not lock down? Maybe even more innocent children and teachers would have died. That is why there are procedures in place so the damage is as limited as possible.

I just wanted to take a minute this morning to thank Freedom High School Administration, its teachers, and local law enforcement for doing their job and potentially preventing a horrible scene like we saw yesterday.  With a kindergartener of my own, words cant express how sickened I am, how sad I feel, or what my reaction is by the shooting other than sadness. It really its home considering it could happen anywhere at anytime and to any family.

I encourage East County to continue to remain on high alert when the issues of guns come up. Educate your children and for you gun shop owners out there, please continue to follow the rules and use good judgement when selling fire arms.


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  1. Did they ever arrest the kid that started all that on Twitter? It was real easy to figure out who it was because he was bragging big time. It took me all of about 5 minutes to figure out who he was and to pull up his picture! Did he get a free pass for all the damage he caused?

  2. This puts a local spin on things and while I am thankful for the police being able to stop a tragedy from occurring, you can’t compare the two. Oakley was in preventive mode while back east they were in response mode.

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