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PUC Hosts All-Party Meeting on Oakley Generating Station

Oakley City Hall was packed yesterday morning as a room full of supporters for the Oakley Generating Station offered their support with many wearing bright orange shirts that stated “Approve Oakley Now” during the All-Party Meeting for the  California Public Utilities Commission. Prior to the meeting, about 40 people took a tour of the project site.

The meeting yesterday focused around the following three questions:

  1. Is there adequate authorization and sufficient demonstration of need to approve the Oakley Application? Has PG&E met the burden of proof necessary to resubmit the Oakley application pursuant to D.10-07-045 or other CPUC regulatory authority?

  2. Is the Amended PSA reasonable based on established least-cost, best fit criteria? Is it appropriate to consider the value of other attributes, such as flexible operating characteristics, outside of the existing LTPP process?

  3. What remaking cost recovery treatment should apply to the Oakley Project, considering but not limited to ratemaking and cost recovery treatment that was adopted in A.09-09-021, updated to reflect the 2016 commercial operation date?

For the record, the anti-power plant folks  are out of their minds as they provided some pretty poor arguments against the project taking the tone of “Southern California first” while making the silly argument they could build a power plant at half the cost as they cherry picked a proposal from another company–note, this was a bid, the best bid was picked!  These out-of-towners simply would not be happy even if they receive what they wanted. This is a simple case of you say black, they say white. You offer this, they want that! It never ends with these environmental folks as one speaker even brought up a cause for delay of this project to further study butterflies.

Assemblyman Jim Frazier (Oakley) spoke in favor of the project highlighting its significance to the community. Also speaking on behalf of the project and Oakley were Mayor Kevin Romick, Vice Mayor Carol Rios, and councilwoman Diane Burgis. Although he did not speak, Doug Hardcastle was in the audience showing his support.  Kudos to those who attended. Noticeably absent from the meeting was Councilman Randy Pope and City Manager Bryan Montgomery–both should have at least attended to show support this very important project.

Outside of Oakley, Supervisor Federal Glover was the only elected to speak as he echoed Assemblyman Frazier’s comments.  Man elected officials sent representatives to speak on their behalf supporting the project which includes US Congressman John Garamendi, State Senator Mark DeSaulnier,  Assembly members Susan Bonilla and Joan Buchanan and Supervisor Mary Nejedly Piepho. Many labor folks expressed support of this project including Greg Ferre, executive officer, of the Contra Costa Building and Construction Trades Council.

On Thursday, the PUC will be meeting in San Francisco to further discuss a decision regarding the Oakley Generating Station.  Below are photographs taken from the tour of the project site led by Greg Lamberg (Radback Energy) followed by the All-Party Meeting at Oakley City Hall.

Last month, Assemblyman Frazier submitted the following Guest Commentary in support of this project. Here is what he submitted to the Contra Costa Times and Printed on November 28.

Guest Commentary: Jim Frazier: Time is now for Oakley Generating Station project

By Jim Frazier
Guest commentary

Posted:   11/28/2012 02:36:36 PM PST

The California Public Utilities Commission issued two proposed decisions regarding the approval of the Oakley Generating Station. This project is a new, low emissions, state-of-the-art energy facility that is specifically designed to integrate with new renewable energy projects, like wind and solar. The project is critically important to the city of Oakley, the county, and to our community.

In East County, some union trades have over 45 percent unemployment. This project creates over 740 new union jobs. Most of these jobs will be filled locally, and many by veterans. In addition, the project will generate a local payroll of over $120 million, and there will be many more jobs for our small local businesses. This project will provide property taxes directly to the city of Oakley and the county of over $10 million per year, and will continue for over 30 years.

These dollars will enable the city of Oakley to balance its budget and provide important community services. In addition, Oakley will receive a $3 million grant from the project for city improvements such as playgrounds and roads. Also, the project will provide $250,000 to a new community grant program that will fund local nonprofit organizations that provide services to our community.

The Oakley Generating Station is one of the few energy projects in California that is in an advanced stage of development. It takes more than eight years to develop a new energy project like this and to bring it “on line.” Additionally, the permits for this project were approved by the California Energy Commission in May 2011. After a thorough regulatory review by the CEC, the final decision stated that the Oakley project will reduce greenhouse gases.

This is a new, state-of-the-art energy facility, built by local union labor with American turbines, and it is strongly supported in the Oakley community. As the newly elected assemblyman from Oakley, and a former Oakley mayor, our community wants this project approved by the CPUC at their Dec. 20 meeting. I will be there to speak in favor of building the Oakley Generating Station.

Jim Frazier is a member of the Oakley City Council.



PowerPoint (12/3/2012) :

Note, PG&E did provide a power point yesterday, I will upload it when its made available.

Burk Byline

By Michael Burkholder


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9 Responses »

  1. Mr Burkholder, before you blast people for not attending or giving kudo’s to those that do you need to understand that most “work” for a living. We do not blog or carry a camera to every event that you think everyone should attend.

    • Frank, come on and be serious like I know you are. Kevin Romick works, Carol Rios works, Diane Burgis works, Doug Hardcastle owns his own company and works… they all made adjustments in their schedule for this very important meeting that will impact Oakley in a significant way. Elected folks made it a point to show up. They saw the need to be there and kudos to them are in order. I wouldn’t say calling out someone for being absent as a form of “blasting them” because if I really wanted to blast Mr. Pope, I’d of included his track record of being absent at many events. Yes I carry a camera because I like to and I think local events are a great way to show community pride and photographs are a great way to document events. Had I not done this blog, few people would even realize their was even a meeting yesterday. More importantly, few would know which council members are out there representing the community and which ones are mailing it it.

    • Some would argue that what Mr. Burkholder does is “work” and I for one am glad he calls it like he sees it. I may not agree with him all the time but he has the right to carry that camera and highlight events. Given your comments, I’d say you like Randy Pope. Maybe instead of offer a cheap shot at Burkholder for informing the community, maybe you should tell Mr. Pope to get off his butt and actually represent the city. Unless he is asleep at the wheel, this kind of has been a bigdeal for Oakley for quite some time and was probably aware of it. Sorry, but Pope looks like an idiot for not showing up.

  2. Frank, you should realize sometimes the pictures are better than the story. In this case, the pictures were the story, not the attendance. Where else would one realize most of the jobs from this plant would be union. Look at all the orange and t-shirts.

  3. I agree with Frank, Mr. Burkholder should not be calling out people on their attendance when Mr. Burkholder is the one picking and choosing what events are worthy of attendance. I’d like to see him hold a position of city council to see if he attends every meeting, off meeting or committee meeting. What a hypocrite. Still, even if Burkholders opinion is childish, he is still doing more to alert the community to happenings than the local media. If he was a media site and not opinion site, he might have more credibility.

  4. Have any of you visited the Brentwood Press today? What is currently up there is a story on Christmas lights for a boat parade, Snacking with Santa and a bunch of other feel good stories. As burk would say, “kudos” to him for actually going out to cover real news. This power plant is huge and no one else felt the need to attend. Shame on the local media and those rags.

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