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Tony Tiscareno Appointed to Antioch City Council


It’s a great day in Antioch as Tony Tiscareno was appointed to the Antioch City Council after each of the nine applicants were given an opportunity to address the council on why they should be appointed.  After being appointed, he quickly took the Oath of Office. This was a fabulous choice by the council and one that they got 100% correct.

Drawing Order:

  1. Jonathan Hernandez
  2. Donald Freitas
  3. Tony Tiscareno
  4. Debra Vinson
  5. Vincent Manuel
  6. Sean Wright
  7. James Davis
  8. Robert Miller
  9. Manuel Louis Soliz, Jr.

Select 2 – then those advance in the process.  Those not selected were eliminated.

Round 1:

  • Agopian:  James Davis & Donald Freitas
  • Harper: Vincent Manuel & Tony Tiscareno
  • Rocha:  Tony Tiscareno & Freitas
  • Wilson: Donald Frietas & Tony Tiscareno

Moving on:  James Davis, Donald Freitas, Vincent Manuel, Tony Tiscareno

Round 2 – if they have 3 votes, they move onto round 3

  • James Davis – Agopian  (eliminated)
  • Donald Freitas – Agopian, Rocha, Wilson, Rocha
  • Vincent Manuel – Harper (eliminated)
  • Tony Tiscareno – Harper, Rocha, Wilson,

Moving on: Donald Freitas & Tony Tiscaren

Round 3:

Councilwoman Rocha made motion for Tiscareno and Harper second. Agopian stopped vote and making a statement for “experience” meaning he is urging for Freitas.  Harper asks Rocha if she would like to amend your motion? Rocha replies “No”.

Tony Tiscareno appointed by vote 3-1 (Agopian said no) to Antioch City Council! He would later amend his vote to make it a 4-0 vote in favor of Tiscareno.


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4 Responses »

  1. Are you on drugs Burk? This is the worst thing that could happen in Antioch. We now have a union council 4-1 and Seeno, Glover and the Central Dem. Council run Antioch.

    Agopian only amended his vote to appear unanimous just as Davis did 4 years ago. It means nothing.

    • Not at all… Tiscareno represents “new blood” on the council whereas Davis, Freitas, Soliz would mean business as usual. With Wilson and Tiscareno, 2 of 5 seats are new people. Fine with me. For the record, I happen to really like Tony and his beliefs on labor and the issues. He will do well. I think you give Seeno, Glover, and Central Dem Council too much credit.

  2. Considering the alternatives, Antioch got this one right. Agopian looked like the worlds biggest clown last night.

  3. The city of no hope and all it can look forward to is bankruptcy. It is bankrupt by the way.

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