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Frazier, Bryant Worked to Get Flags Lowered

lowered flag

I wanted to send a giant kudos out to Assemblyman Jim Frazier and Brentwood City Councilman Joel Bryant for working non-stop with the Governors office to ensure local flags would be lowered today to honor retired firefighter and Regional Occupational Program  (ROP) teacher Ben Whitener who passed away. This was not a simple task when it should have been a common sense decision. My hats off to the both of them for working diligently to ensure the appropriate actions were taken to honor a community hero.

While I will never understand the politics behind it and realize peoples hands were tied due to policy, this seemed like a slam dunk to honor Mr. Whitener who was all about the community and giving back. Again, kudos to Mr. Frazier and Mr. Bryant for making it happen!

Today’s services begin at 2:00 pm at

Golden Hills Community Church
2401 Shady Willow Lane
Brentwood, CA
There will be no viewings or visitations before the Celebration of Life.

Memorial gifts:
In lieu of flowers, gifts can be sent to the “Ben Whitener Family Fund” at Bank of the West, 2195 Main St., Oakley, CA 94561.


3 Responses »

  1. True leadership righ there. Thank you for bringing this to the publics attention.

  2. Glad to see two people who fought for what was right in honoring Mr. Whitener. May he rest in peace.

  3. It appears a wrong was made right. My hats off to Frazier and Bryant.

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