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Congressman McNerney Tours Antioch

Antioch Mayor Wade Harper met with Congressman Jerry McNerney yesterday as he took the Congressmen on a tour of downtown Antioch while discussing the many issues with the city and discussing its needs. Here are a few pictures I took yesterday.

While I did not formally interview the Mayor or Congressmen, McNerney did say Antioch was full of potential that just needed some investment–I tend to agree as downtown is a beautiful area that just needs some TLC.

On Monday, Harper and McNerney were joined by councilwoman Monica Wilson and Oakley Councilwoman Diane Burgis as they visited the PG&E facility. That picture (the last one) was given to me by Diane Burgis.



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  1. Approving the office for McNerney in our community center is a plus for Antioch. We can have a voice if we utilize this opportunity. McNerney supports our vets and certainly can help us with the Section 8 mess. We seriously need to address the amount of these vouchers and get east county realigned with Sacramento and Stockton and not San Francisco.

    Thanks for the post and pictures. Harper did speak of the visit at the council meeting.

  2. I agree Julio, its great McNerney will have an office in Antioch. I didn’t even know that was even an option. Weird that Harper would not mention the visit. Since McNerney will be in Antioch some of the time, might as well use him.

    • The whole office move came up rather rapidly I think. The election and then he found out he doesn’t represent the city where his office is and he had a date come up very quickly he had to move. Just two weeks ago the council approved renting to the federal government and that was pretty much when the public found out.

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