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Antioch Police Meet with Latino Community

Argentina Davila-Luevano was kind enough to provide me with the following pictures and a summary of the  Spanish-language version of the Coffee with the Cops program will be held yesterday Saturday at Holy Rosary Church in Antioch.

She writes:

Once again our Antioch Police Chief has demonstrated great wisdom, vision and leadership.  His coffee with the Chief project has been a tremendous success.  Police Chief Allan Cantando has hosted numerous meetings with Antioch residents during the City’s trying economic times.  His most recent Community forum at Holy Rosary Church on Saturday, January 12, 2013 saw for the second time a large audience of over 200 Antioch Latino residents address resident concerns and offers to help curb crime and work with our Police Chief, Antioch’s Mayor and the new City Council.

Residents have agreed to form Neighborhood Watch groups and continue to call in to the Police Department to report on incidents including burglaries and other crimes.  In return the Chief pledges to continue to listen to community concerns and work to realize the Mayor’s goal for Zero Tolerance for crimes and to hire more police officers and reduce and eliminate the crime in Antioch!!

We want to acknowledge and thank Police Chief, Allan Cantando, Mayor Wade Harper, City Council Mayor Pro Tem Mary Rocha and newly appointed Council Member, Tony Tiscareno for their participation.

A special thank you is given to Father Roberto for his facilitation in providing our venue for our last two community forums with the Chief.  We also thank Officer Tammany Brooks for his help and presence at these forums.  Our ALDA partners, TODOS Unidos and CLI wish to thank our community residents who attended this forum and all who helped and contributed to the success!



Argentina Davila-Luevano is the President of the The California LULAC Institute (CLI) which is a civic and charitable organization promoting full employment, jobs, health care and academic excellence in our communities, cities and schools. It’s mission is to to promote the economic condition, educational achievement, health parity, social justice & civil rights of Latinos & others!

For more information on the organization, visit their website.

To find out more about the Antioch Police Department and neighborhood watch programs, visit their website.


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