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DeSaulnier Statement on State of the State Address

Mark DeSaulnier

Here is a statement just released from State Senator Mark DeSaulnier regarding the Governors State of the State Address today.

“After years of hearing how grim our state’s future looked, it is refreshing to hear Governor Brown’s positive and bold State of the State address today,” Senator Mark DeSaulnier said. “I agree whole-heartedly that when it comes to our state’s finances, the era of boom and bust must end. We have all made sacrifices to get our state on the road to recovery—the legislature has voted to make painful cuts, and the citizens have voted for new taxes with Proposition 30. Now is the time to reinvest in education and infrastructure, important building blocks of the California dream, while ensuring that our most critical programs are funded in the most stable way possible. As Chair of the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee, I echo Governor Brown’s call to look for long term funding sources for transportation infrastructure projects. I look forward to working with the Governor to improve accountability and accessibility throughout our state government.”

Sam Mahood
(916) 651-4784


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  1. Of course a democrat is going to support a democrat.

  2. Very nice Mark. Keep up the good work in fighting for transportation, Contra Costa County needs it.

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